Monday, July 31, 2006

Practice Run

This weekend was RELATIVELY uneventful, except for a quick run to the hospital. I didn't think I was in labor, but I hadn't felt the baby move as much as usual in a couple of days, so on Friday night I called our office's "doctor on call" who told me to go to the hospital for some fetal monitering just in case. Of course, this had us both a bit anxious, and we thought it was probably for the best anyway.

Happily, we were hooked up to a monitor in a labor and delivery room and Isabelle was moving around like crazy...according to the machine, but I still couldn't feel a thing...wierd. So, in conclusion everything was fine. The doctor had told me to take some Tylonel PM to help sleep and that could have been making the baby drowsy. The nurses still told us the Tylonel PM was fine to take, it wouldn't harm the baby.. But I stopped taking it...and didn't fall asleep till about 4 in the morning. So I went back on it the next night and we are just going to live with a drowsy baby for a few more days. She can sleep, mama has to go to work!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Banished to the Couch

Needless to say, sleeping has been getting more and more elusive as pregnancy progresses. Between trips to the bathroom and waking up to turn over and not being able to fall back asleep...I haven't been getting much. One morning I woke up so exhausted I just sat eating breakfast with Conrad and cried at the thought of having to go to work that day. I told him I was going to try to sleep in the extra bedroom that night and see if it was any better.

Of course, my considerate husband wouldn't have any of that and banished himself to the living room to sleep (granted, I'm not sure he doesn't LIKE sleeping on the floor in front of the TV). My doctor also suggested Tylonel PM (I know, I'm loving these liberal doctors!) which I promptly purchased and have been getting decent amounts of sleep every since. Thank God for Tylonel PM!!! Although I miss my cuddly husband at night, it won't be forever, after all, how much longer could this baby stay in??

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Change of Address

I'm trying a new blog site. It's defiantely more asthetically pleasing than xanga, but for now, if you want to check out my archieves, go to

Irresistable Grandparents?

When I was about three months pregnant my parents announced that they were going to install a swing set type thing in thier back yard. I told them to wait, as it may be a while before the baby can use it. They, begrugingly, decided to wait. Of course, we understand that this is the first grandchild and likely will be spoiled beyond recognition after every visit to grandma's for the weekend.
Conrad has inforced a monthly spending allowance for them for the baby already, pleading that the baby doesn't need more things, just time and attention from Grandma and Grandpa will be plenty. Of course, they have already devised clever ways around the spending limit with what we like to call "Gift Laundering" ...unexpected gifts from Great Great Uncle Bernis and so on. Although, I'm not sure how much they have paid these unsuspecting accomplice's.
Thier latest purchase to make Grandma and Grandpa's house irresistable has been a 6 week old black lab that they got "for Isabelle." We have to admit, it's a cute puppy, but we are just happy he will be residing at thier house and not ours!