Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off to India

Well, tommorrow we are off to India to visit Conrad's family and introduce Gracie to everyone. We are excited...but maybe NOT looking forward to the flight. Pray for us if you think of it...Isabelle is really excited and has been crying to go to India for the past seven days!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Run-Away Infant

I’m going to tell you a story that no one is to hold against me in the future, thank you very much. I’m also hoping that, in reading MY story, many out there are encouraged in their own parenting mistakes and that Grace won’t have to cash out her “therapy” savings for this one.

With that....

This week I took the girls to the zoo. It was a little chilly, but when the sun came out we were pretty comfortable and enjoyed ourselves. At one point, toward the end of our outing, Isabelle started to get a little restless. Since we were passing the rhino’s and the rhino was literally three or four feet from us, I stopped to try to distract her with the beast. We have a Sit ‘N Stand stroller and I picked her up out of the standing part to show her the animal.

In the meantime, my sweet little easy going Grace was sleeping soundly in her car seat, snuggled up in blankets and clicked into the same stroller. As we were enthralled in the animals a man called to me from a few feet away, “Ma’am?” I turned to see a guy pushing a stroller talking to me. Not anything unusual at the zoo, right? I asked, “Yes?” And he said…. “Uhhhh this rolled down the hill.” All of the sudden I got that moment of panic as I looked over and saw that MY stroller was gone along with my baby! Yep, Mr. Nice Guy had Grace at the bottom of the “hill.”

In my defense (again) it was ONLY a slight incline…and she was still sleeping peacefully!

And, with that, I believe my mom has been exonerated from the infamous event where she fell while carrying infant Isabelle down the street! Congratulations, Mom!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Watching the Weight

I started weight watchers a week ago, and for the time being, I have enjoying counting points! I found a bunch of yummy recipes to curb my sweet tooth while staying safely within my point range. One of the most interesting has been Brownies, skip the oil and eggs and add black beans and water…don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Another favorite are these Czech Crepes…only 1 point each! Yummm! Does anyone have any great weight watcher tips or advice for me?
Who’s coming to our House?

We have been talking to Isabelle more and more about Jesus and about God. The un-concrete-ness of God is a difficult concept for her to grasp. We were on our way to church on Sunday and she asked where we were going. I told her to church to see Jesus (okay, no theology lessons…I know my theology is erroneous in this statement!) But I was attempting to connect church with something other than snacks and toys.

Anyway, when we got in the van to go home, she told me, “I didn’t see Jesus today.” Hmmm….deep thought….but I’ll skip that for now…

A few nights ago I was telling Isabelle that someone was coming to visit this weekend. I asked her do you know who? She said, “Oma and Opa.” Yes, I told her. Then I asked her who else? She thought for a minute then asked, “Jesus?”
Binky Thief

We really did have Isabelle broken of the pacifier before Grace was born. And although Grace really doesn’t want anything to do with pacifiers most of the time, we tried, especially during those first few weeks of sleepless nights…ANYTHING for a few minutes of shut eye!

After Grace was born, inevitably, we would find Isabelle hiding is some corner with Grace’s hot little pacy sucking away as fast as she could before we discovered her and took it away. Then add the trauma of a new sibling and a new baby sitter…the binky is back.
So yesterday we were cleaning out the girl’s daycare bag and found several binky’s. None of which are ours. It looks like Isabelle has been swiping them from all of the other kids at the babysitter’s house and hiding them away in her own secret little stash. I think we have an addict on our hands.