Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Isabelle's Two Year Check Up

Today was yet ANOTHER doctors appointment for the Michael family. Although lately, I have been the object of the prodding and poking, Isabelle was today.

Surprisingly, she was a gem! She jabbered and played throughout the whole appointment, showing off her growth chart milestones rather well, if I do say so myself! The doctor called in an Rx for her mild eczema, and I was even pleased that she didn't throw up on Dr. D when he stuck that popcicle stick in her mouth. Our whole family knows she inherited her Aunt Jona's sensitive gag reflex.

But I did start to get a little nervous when they mentioned she was going to get two shots. I thought we had already hit all of her shots, so I failed to pre-dose her with tylenol, and honestly, have been dreading holding her down for this ordeal, as she gets older and more aware of what's going on. BUT, I did bring our dwindling stash of jelly beans, as incentives, just in case.

So with the promise of jelly beans on my lips, I laid her on the examing table, as TWO nurses came in to help hold her. Oh no. This was the first time they'd ever brought in two! So I started talking to Isabelle about bears and jelly beans and we looked at the pictures on the walls, and mommy held her little arms down. She did not even flinch, when she got the shots. When she got up, she looked down at the little bandaids on her legs and excitedly exclaimed, "Stickers!"

All that nervousness for nothin!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's Happy Thought

I'm glad big babies don't run in our family.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Doctor Appointment #327

With Gestational Diabetes, it seems like I have a doctor’s appointment every week or so. So last week was no different. Although it wasn’t my “high risk” appointment, where I get the great 45 minute ultrasound sessions, it was with my regular OB, who just came back from maternity leave herself.

So I decided it was time to have a heart to heart with my doctor about delivery. We needed to come to an understanding about WHEN I would be getting pain medication during delivery. So I reminded her that my first delivery took only about 4 hours, and asked if she expected my second to be shorter. Yes. So she suggested that if everything progressed smoothly that we schedule an inducement sometime before my due date, to avoid having the baby at home, at the office(gasp!), or in the car on the way to the hospital. Not to mention, to “manage the pain.”

I fully agreed, then also reminded her that with Isabelle I couldn’t get an epidural until I was 9 cm dilated because Mr. Anesthesiologist was in surgery. And also because the nurses were under her direction to not give me an epidural until I was in “active” labor. Unfortunately, no one but me figured out my labor was “active” till it was too late. So, at the conclusion of the appointment, I felt like we had come to an understanding and my “birth plan” was in place to my satisfaction. In reality, you can’t plan these things too much tho, can you? Baby M just may decide to come at his/her own time and surprise us all in an inconvenient time and location.

In the meantime, we are dreaming of what this baby might be or look like. While I am trying to get a picture of Conrad as a baby (Thanks Susanne!) I have been purusing (and posting) pictures of me as a baby!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Puppy Dog Tails?

Since we will be utterly surprised on that auspicious day in October as to the gender of the baby, I thought I would take a “Poll” and see what you think we are going to have: girl or boy. The Chinese Gender Predictor says BOY. The teachers as Isabelle’s daycare say BOY (based oddly enough, on the fact that Isabelle has a peak in her hair, at the back of her neck…old wives tale?) Conrad thinks BOY. Me? I was thinking BOY, only because I already have a girl and this pregnancy has been so different. Anybody else care to cast a vote?
Danielle as a Baby

Baby Preperation Slacker

I was recently reading a blog about a friend who is pregnant with her second child. Actually, she’s not as much a friend, as a friend of a friend, so you probably don’t know her! Anyway, she is preparing for their second child. She was due in a few weeks and is in the throws of baby showers and decorating the nursery, washing baby clothes, and unpacking baby equipment. This made me feel…well, like I’m in the slow group.

For one, I don’t want any more baby stuff. The idea of getting one more piece of baby equipment makes me a little anxious. It makes me want to call the bulk pick up guys and schedule an appointment for some serious haul away. I have always felt like one thing coming in merits one thing going out. New crib? Okay, an old bed has to go. New dresser? Alright, let’s throw away an old desk then. I am THE polar opposite of my mother’s family. They are keepers (how MANY boxes of Christmas decorations do you have Mom? 20?). Ever visited my Papaw Clynis’s garage? It gives me a nervous twitch to even think about its existence.

Secondly, I don’t know what we’re having. We decorated Isabelle’s nursery with the idea that a subsequent baby, no matter what the sex, would be in the same nursery. So it’s fabulously neutral green. Ever the pragmatic. The thought has crossed my mind that I need to go through some old baby clothes and sort into a “Can Use” pile if it’s a girl and if it’s a boy, but I figure some helpful relative (mom) might help out with this when the baby is born. I might even stroll through the newborn isle the next time I go to the store and buy a gender neutral hospital outfit or two.

Thirdly, even diapers I hesitate to buy, since all that good stuff I planned for with Isabelle I couldn’t even use until she was about 2 months old, I had to rush out and buy preemie diapers and clothes anyway. So, in my mind, Conrad can rush out, while I’m still at the hospital and make that happen.

What has happened to me? I used to think Martha Stewart was so cool. Now I think she’s a wasteful over achiever, who uses children as background accessories. I guess that’s parenthood for you.

UPDATE: The picture here has the sole item Michael Baby #2 has had purchased for him/her. This lovely gender neutral “going home from the hospital” outfit.

Monday, August 18, 2008


In Word
Muffin: Pronounced muppin. Meaning anything cake like, that comes in small round portions.

Swing: Pronounced wing. Meaning anything that swings from a hinge. Most likely a seat or a toy

Swim: Pronounced wim. As you can see, we are not yet fond of our “s”s. Meaning anything that requires the use of a bathing suit, including sprinklers.

Wash: Pronounced wash. Meaning water. “What would you like to drink?” Wash. Or, more appropriately, what do you do with the soap? Wash, of course.

Open: Pronounced ope. Meaning I am not capable of opening this item myself, I need you to help. Command, “Open!”

Ice Cream: Pronounced Eye Keem. Meaning anything frozen, pop cicles, ice cream, even sometimes frozen fruit. Excluding Ice. That is just Eyes.

In Deed
Yesterday we were laying down for a sunday afternoon nap, which Isabelle graciously complied with. As she was laying on her tummy, drifting off to sleep, with her eyes closed, she started wiggling her little bum and said in her little sing-songy voice (I kid you not) "Shake your boo-tay, shake your boo-tay." What are these guys doing at daycare? Watching old soul train re-runs??

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Big Cupcake Mess

Last Friday I took cupcakes to daycare for Isabelle’s birthday. When I came in the afternoon to pick her up, the kids where just finishing up their snacks, which consisted of her birthday cupcakes. I could hear the shrieks of the substitute teacher down the hall, as I approached her room. When I looked into the window, I was dismayed, and not a little humored to see a room full of big eyed toddlers, covered in cake and frosting, holding their little cake coated fingers up in the air. It was in their hair, eyebrows, ears, and on the tables and the floor.

Twice the week before I had asked permission to bring in a treat for her birthday, remembering how much fun it was to bring a birthday treat to school when I was a kid. Both times I got a resounding yes. Not to mention, I asked about what was okay to bring. Are there certain things we can or cannot bring? You never know these days. Do I have to bring carrots and low fat dip or something super healthy? I even mentioned cupcakes.

But the teachers told me that the kids in her class didn’t have any allergies, so bring away! I’m thinking they told me this KNOWING there would be a substitute teacher that afternoon….

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Starving Children of Asia

I had a lovely birthday with my family. Not to mention the beautiful flowers I got at work from my husband (which made my day) My co-workers also took me out to lunch and then Conrad took us out to dinner..and I had dessert!! And skipped taking my glucose level after the fact. It was my birthday, after all. For the special occasion, Isabelle "got" me a whine free evening, where she was pleasant and sweet. When asked, "Isabelle, do you know you are beautiful?" She answered with, "I know that."

While we were having dinner at the restaurant, a parent was walking out past us, and commented to his child, “Why didn’t you finish your dinner? You know there are children starving in India?”

While I am fully aware that this comment is absolutely true, it’s funny to hear it when you are Indian…we’ll at least Indian by marriage. I turned to Isabelle and told her, “Those are probably some of your cousins starving over there in India,” thinking of her pleasantly plump little cousins who outweigh her two to one. Then Conrad commented, “American’s eat their bland bland food, no spice, and then talk about starving Indians…” I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, but it made perfect sense to him and I thought it was funny.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Special Delivery for Me

"When a wife has a good husband its easily seen on her face."johann wofgang

Goodbye to the Good 'ole Days

I guess last week Isabelle was giving us a good bye to the good ole’ days. She really wanted us to miss her first year. Because we do. Saturday, her first FULL day of being 2 was indeed, terrible. She was so exceedingly UNagreeable that she was “disciplined” upwards of 12 times. This is how the day began. “Isabelle, do you want cereal or eggs for breakfast?” “I want jelly beans.” Mommy replies, “Jelly beans aren’t a choice. Eggs or Cereal?” This goes back and forth a couple of times before, “Jell bells!! I want Jell bells!” Later that day she told us, “I want doggy. I NEED doggy.”

By 10:30pm, three hours AFTER her normal bedtime, she still wasn’t asleep. I am already not sleeping well and pretty much exhausted all of the time, I was reduced to tears at the thought of two of these children. What was I thinking? How can I manage two? (keep in mind, my wonderful husband and father of our children is really doing most of the “managing” at this point) Conrad told me I had better keep my genes in check with this next child, because he doesn’t think he can take two little “mini me’s”

Sunday morning, after two early morning episodes of “discipline” we decided church was out of the question for all of us, and started looking for a way to get out of the house and spend some of Isabelle’s energy. We decided to venture to the zoo. We actually bought season pass’s and the weather was beautiful! We had a wonderful time at the zoo and Isabelle really enjoyed it this time. The first time we took her she was about 11 months old. She really loved the animals and the train and begged to go on the merry go round (ie. See the horseys), but still screamed bloody murder on it…apparently she hasn’t grown out of her fear of things that go in circles. All in all, Sunday helped to redeem the weekend for us, and we had a great time together!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

Today our baby is 2 years old! This time, exactly two years ago the ptossin was just starting to kick in and I was beginning to get a little uncomfortable. And at 12:57pm, we excitedly welcomed Isabelle into our little family.

Yesterday, she was exceedingly agreeable. I can only hope that this means her “terrible two’s” will be terrific…hmmmm. We had such a great night hanging out and Isabelle was chatty and fun. Not one melt down! As I laid down with her last night when I put her to bed, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how one little person can change your life so much. It’s certainly more work than anything I have ever done in my life, and more worth it than anything I have ever done. My favorite sight in the world is her sparkling brown eyes, and my favorite sound is her saying, “You coming, Mama?” and her giggling when her Daddy tickles her, and my favorite smell, is predictably, Isabelle after her nightly bath. Children are certainly God’s way of blessing us. Happy Birthday Baby!

Isabelle August 8, 2006

Isabelle August 8, 2007

Isabelle August 8, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Does my family like Conrad?

I recently ran across a blog where the author wrote the following couple of paragraphs. I laughed so hard, I almost spewed my non-fat, sugar free, decaf coffee. Just take out “Jon” and replace it with “Conrad.”

My father and stepmother gave both Jon and me cards with a little bit of cash tucked inside for our recent birthdays. They signed my card, "Love you." Jon's card was signed with, "Thanks for being who you are. Also, have we told you lately just how grateful we are you took one for the team? I mean, we know how hard it must be, and the fact that you continue to put up with it shows just how amazing you really are. There was a time when we thought she'd die alone, deserved to die alone, and then you came along and made it so that we didn't have to field those late night phone calls. You truly have a place reserved for you in heaven."

Okay, maybe it was just that first sentence, but I know exactly what my dad is trying to say when he doesn't say it. And when people ask me if my parents like Jon, I'm all, like Jon? Hmm. How do I put this? They think Jesus sent him.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Warming Up

In hopes of getting Isabelle used to the idea of being a big sister, we have been using our little niece Abigail as somewhat of a guinea pig. And, of course, wanting these two to be friends too. I’m sure it didn’t help when my mom would be holding Baby Abby, we would tell Isabelle, “Look, Oma has the NEW baby, you’re the OLD baby.” Then proceed to ask her if she liked Abigail. She would scowl in the general direction of the pink soft little bundle and answer with a definitive, “No.” (If you are a parent to be, perhaps you should add these things to the list of “Not to Do’s” that you have been subconsciously compiling.)

Now that Abby is about four months old, Jona let her hold Abby on her lap and this seemed to quell the storm of competition. The whole time Abby was with us, Isabelle stayed close by her stroller or by her side. She would rub her face and say, “Nice Baby.” Or “Soft Baby.” All the while, Abby had this semi-concerned, “Are you all sure about this?” look on her face.

Luckily, in keeping with her mother’s personalities, Abby is easy going (and consequently already sleeps through the night with little effort) and compliant. While Isabelle, in keeping with her mother’s personality, rides through life like a cowboy on a bucking bull. She came from the womb crying, “Listen up folks, it’s my way or the highway!” Good times…

Monday, August 04, 2008

Birthday Week Continues

This weekend we went to my mom and dad’s to have a family birthday party for Isabelle. We definitely took it down a few notches from her first birthday party, which, let’s be honest, was mostly for the grown ups, since she had no idea what was going on! This one was dinner at a pizza place, lot’s of family, cake, and presents. What more could a 2 year old ask for?

The weekend seems somewhat of a blur for me, with only the pictures to remind me of the festivities. Maybe I was on a sugar high (or low??) from the cake, but I was so tired all weekend I could hardly function. And this seems to be a regular occurrence these days, with at least one day a week going by in a sleepy headed blur.

Fountain Fun

Here's a clip from Easton last weekend

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Mortgage Update

Conrad and I have been so excited about our Money Merge account, we have been counting down the days until we make our first big "principle only payment" into our mortgage! Well, today was THE day! So I thought I would share our excitement with you! We paid $6500 toward the principle of our mortgage today, cutting 2 years and 7 months off of our remaining time and saving $19,500 in interest that we no longer have to pay to our mortgage company! Whoo hoo! And we've only been on the program two months!

I have had a lot of friends ask me how the money merge works. Aren't I just taking money from a line of credit and putting it toward my mortgage? No. If that were the case, we would be WAY over budget already. Since we only have a $12000 line of credit, which we took

$9500 out to pay off loans at the beginning
$6500 Principle payment to mortgage

But we still have almost $3000 left on our line of credit. It's simple finance principles of letting your money work for you instead of the bank. Seriously, if you haven't already, take the time to check the program out!