Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring has sprung

I think winter has finally thawed here in Ohio. We are so thankful for sun...yeah!Goodbye dreary days! Here are a couple of pictures of Isabelle, in her spiffy spring coat and then celebrating St. Patty's day :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello, it's me, Isabelle.

Hello, it’s me, Isabelle. Just wanted to see if anyone was out there….Oma? Opa? Aunt Becky? Sudha Auntie? I haven’t gotten any comments on my blog in sooooo long I was beginning to think that no one reads about me, except for Aunt Jona, Aunt Rachel, and Shanygne!? Well?

In case you don’t know how….just click the little tiny grey dialog balloon at the bottom of each post and write me a little note whenever you stop by. Tell me how you are doing.

Me? I’m fine. A little congested, getting over a cold. Lately they have been taking us on stroller rides outside at Daycare. That’s pretty fun, there’s four of us in a stroller. I have some friends I like to hang out with at Daycare, Jemma, Brason, Kelsey (there are no boys in the nursery…that’s okay, girls rule!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wedding Showers.

This last weekend we went to a Bridal Shower for my future Aunt Beverly. My Dad’s brother, Mick, is getting married next month. Beverly has been around for a few years and we love her already. Here is a picture of her opening Isabelle and I’s present to her (it was a lovely can opener ) It was a wonderful shower, the food was great, the favors were nice, and the best part…no stupid shower games! Big kudos to Bev’s sister for that one! (I apologize to those of you who love these sad excuses for entertainment) It was also nice to see my Uncle Mick’s daughters, Shannon and Tiffany, since we only seem to see each other at holiday’s and family events.

I also thought I’d throw in this pictures for my Mom and Dad. This onsie is the latest in baby boutique wear at the Wal-Mart in Norwalk, Ohio. Of course, Isabelle looks cute in anything.

Friday, March 23, 2007


On busy days when I get home at night, I rarely want to cook big extensive meals...well, let's be honest, I rarely want to cook big meals ever. But I digress. One of Conrad and I's favorite meals is one we kind of made up ourselves. So I thought I would share it with you if you are looking for something new and easy and yummy!
Mediteranian Pizza
Flat Bread
Store Brough Hummas
Grilled Chicken, chopped (made eariler in the week for another meal)
Red Onion-chopped
Feta Cheese

Spread on hummas, and toppings, top with Feta, broil for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Serve with salad and enjoy!

If you let me know when you'll be here, we'll make it for you next time you visit the Michaels. Or, if you prefer a nice authentic Indian meal...
I think it's Isabelle's favorite too (just kidding, she's not quite to the Pizza phase yet)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tour Snob

I know many of you will relate to this. I have been traveling around the world, off the American tourist beaten track and I usually hate to go to tourist locations. I really never wanted to visit Australia. Why? Well, EVERYONE wants to go to Australia, so why would I? I can see their pictures and hear their stories, so I don’t need to go. But, Tibet…now that’s a not a typical American vacation destination…now is it?
Anyway, along with my particular travel ideas, I have developed a distaste for “tours.” I always felt that going on a bus with a group of tourists and a tour guide that told you what to do and took you along, following his red umbrella, was the sissy way. I mean, where is the fun in that? No language barriers? No going to the wrong hotel? What?

Well, I am here to tell you that I have officially grown old. Conrad and I went on a “tour” to a park called Xel-Ha while we were in Cancun and snorkled and then to a small ruin on the sea. It was wonderful, in fact, probably the highlight of our trip. And I found out that I LIKED when Humberto (our guide) would tell us what to expect and explain the history of a place to us. I LIKED the fact that I didn’t have to think, just follow and enjoy. I LIIKED the fact that they dropped me off at the door of my hotel that night, the RIGHT hotel, and I didn’t have to struggle to tell them which one it was. Ohhh…I think I’m destine to be a toursist…*sigh*

The Beach Bums Are Back

We had a wonderful time in Cancun this past week. It was so great to relax and rejuvenate in La Caribbea. It was Conrad’s first time visiting that part of the world and he was in awe of the beautiful waters and beaches. Cancun is a little touristy, but the posh resort, right on the beach, with the Jacuzzi bar…on the beach…made up for it. I will say that we missed Isabelle terribly and paid too much money for a few minutes on the internet so we could get on our blog and look at pictures of her!

My old roommate Carrie used to have a “List” she kept. Whenever she saw a person doing something that really shouldn’t be done, she’d say, “Put that on the list! (For example) Never call a girl ‘big’, never call a girl, ‘dawg’ and NEVER call a girl ‘big dawg’!” So during this trip, I observed some things that I would like to officially put on “the list.”
1. Know when you are in the “Shouldn’t wear a bikini” category and embrace it. It’s okay if you can’t, as long as you DON’T. I understand I’m not in the bikini category, fortunately, I know this. I might add that I truly wish modesty dictated more behavior in our society. There was more that one time I was embarrassed to take my Indian husband to scantily clad beach areas!
2. If you are over 60, and over weight, AND have a tattoo on your derrière, DON’T wear a thong! You’d think this would go without saying.
3. I would like to add, no matter how much sunblock you put on, a fair skinned person will get burned in the Caribbean, in the middle of the day. (and I am dreading the itching stage!)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcoming P.J.

This weekend I threw a Baby Shower for my friend Kim. It was soo fun...and if I do say so myself, the best baby shower I have ever been too. We did the colors in Baby Blue and Chocolate brown and so many wonderful friends showed up. Kim attends Conrad & I's old church and it was GREAT to see everyone and catch up with all the ladies that showed up to help welcome P.J. (Phil Jr as we lovingly call the baby now

We asked the ladies to write down a piece of advice for child rearing and a funny story about kids and we read these in between Kim opening her presents. One of the best was, "Teach your sons to cook and clean. Your future daughter-in-law's will thank you for this." My favorite story came from Kim's mom, who came from Coschocton, OH for the party. She said that when Kim was about in Kindergarten she used to stand in front of the mirror, and flip her long blonde hair over her shoulder, twirl in a circle with her new dress and say, "I bet the boys will think I'm pretty!" Now that's good self esteem, people.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Last Weekend In Review

I have been traveling a lot for work this week and by the time I get home I just don't want to get on the I have slacked in blogging. Sorry about that. Well, last weekend we had a great time at the Stenners. It was great to celebrate Ruth's 60th birthday with her. Elizabeth and Jayden came from North Carolina to visit Grandma for her birthday and it was so great to see them and to see how much Jayden had grown! He is hilarious. He watches veggie tales and dances and sings without any freedom. Such a sweet little boy and so changed from the quiet little baby he was when Eli brought him home. Below are some pictures from the weekend.

Other than that, I am hosting a baby shower for one of my best friends, Kim, this weekend and I am so excited about it because I will get to see friends from my old church that I haven't gotten to see in so long! AND Conrad and I are packing and getting ready to go to Cancun next weekend. *sigh* It's bittersweet as we are dreading leaving the baby for four days,even tho she will be in great hands with my mom and dad (thanks by the way, Rents!) And, of course, we are looking forward to four days of sunshine and (thank you Jesus) SLEEP!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Points are now my life

In a desperate attempt to get back (keep in mind I use the word "back" very loosely) into shape, I have joined Weight Watchers. Not as tretcherous as I remember it, since I have tried every diet around. Amoung my favorites, is Body for Life...but I can no longer work out 6 days a week...oh well.

But I am now used to keeping track of everything I eat using the point system. And have discovered many sweet things I can eat and still stay within my point range. I happily report that it's working...and that I find I don't feel like I"m on a diet as long as I can have my lil somthin' sweet everyday. Love that fat free sugar free pudding!

This weekend we saw the Stenner Clan and got tons of great pictures. I will post these when I get home. Right now I'm sitting in the lobby of a Raddison, supposed to be in a seminar, helping running a seminar actually. Slacker.