Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Single Ladies

If you have been around my kids in the last couple of months you know that thier all time favorite song (right now) is Beyonce's Single Ladies. How did they ever hear this song? Contrary to what you might believe, Conrad and I don't often groove to Beyonce. We think it's from the new Chipmunk movie, where the Chipettes have thier very own rendition of Single Ladies. The babysitter has the soundtrack (again..we think) But, what surprised us recently is Grace's moves. We had no idea she could bust a move like this...and she'll pretty much dance on demand. Love that kid!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well , to spite my hopes and prayers that 2010 would be better, it has, so far, disappointed. We are only twenty days in, so I’m not despairing yet. The kids have been sick with bronchitis, sinus stuff, and ear infections for weeks. It’s coming to a head and we are praying that it doesn’t turn into pneumonia! I suppose that’s a “lowlight” of my post.

Let me share with you a little highlight of Isabelle and I’s trip to New Mexico. It was so fun to see Rachel and her family, however briefly we got to visit, because, we’ll, let’s be honest, we had three children there between us and that doesn’t leave much room for late night girlie chats about life. In fact, I was reminded of Rachel’s college habit of falling asleep mid-sentence . Imagine us having a deep conversation about God, life, and love. Rachel is just getting ready to expound on some profound thoughts with, “I know what you mean, when I was at…the…..” then nothing. Sleeping like a baby. It’s so weird. And if I’m being honest, I’m just a little bit jealous of people who can sleep like that.

Anyway, if I haven’t mentioned before, Isabelle has a rough time when she’s outside of her normal routine. I’ll preface my next story with that excuse for my beautiful girl. From the moment Rachel picked us up at the airport it started. Isabelle took one look at Abraham, Rachel’s oldest, with his ice blue eyes, blonde hair and sweet smile. The boy who is our god son and whom we have planned for her to marry since the day he was born. Abe looked at Isabelle and said innocently, “Friend.”

Isabelle went ballistic: “I don’t want to sit next to him!” “He’s not my friend, Addie’s my friend!” Apparently, Isabelle is convinced that there is room in her heart for only one friend. And her friend Addison, has taken the spot. Door closed. Story over. And this pattern continued All. Weekend.Long. To Abe’s credit he rallied, and pushed back, refusing to let Isabelle push him around. There may be some hope for their future after all.

Isabelle sledding down the sand dunes at White Sands, NM

Isabelle at the DFW airport

Isabelle "reading" her book with her Tag while waiting for a fly out of Columbus during a snow storm

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hello Warm(er) Weather

This coming week Isabelle and I are going to New Mexico. We debated which family members to take and which to leave for this trip. My BFF, Rachel, is home from Asia, visiting her family in Las Cruces for the holidays and I really wanted to spend some time with her and meet her new man, Samuel.

So we counted up the frequent flyer miles and made the appropriate exchanges. Rachel hasn’t ever met Grace, so I really wanted to take Grace. Then I recalled our trip to India in 2008 when Isabelle was just about Grace’s age. I remembered the tantrums, and the toddler backpack/leash we put on the child to keep her from running away, the meltdowns from being confined to a small space for a long period of time. In the end, my therapist and I decided we just couldn’t handle another trip like that…or even the possibility of another trip like that! Needless to say, Isabelle, being 3 ½ , made the cut.

Conrad and his therapist decided to stay home all together to avoid it…and to take care of Grace.

Of course, since I’ve bought the ticket, I’ve also broken my foot. I can walk, in the caste, but now I’m imagining the whole airport process with Isabelle and myself and my caste. It’s like a third family member at this point. I debated bringing my scooter, but picture with me, if you will, me and Isabelle riding my scooter through the airport, the wind in our hair. Okay, I quickly decided against that when I imagined lugging that beast onto the x-ray machine belt. I think I will just limp my way around the Greater Area Airports we will be visiting. All together good times.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Goodbye 2009

My philosophy has always been to TRY to keep your mouth shut when you don’t have anything good to say. Some of you know I have a hard time with that the more tired I get. In fact, if you ever want to find out any big secret I might be keeping, corner me around midnight and I’ll sing like a bird.

So, in light of that, I don’t have much to say about 2009. It was a tough year and the Michael’s are ready to move on! We feel like we’ve been hit and hit and hit again this year. I told Conrad the other day I feel like we spent 2009 in a foxhole in the middle of a blazing battle, trying to keep from getting our heads blown off.
Even in the midst of the battles, I have to say that I see God’s faithfulness and His goodness! For one, at least I’m in the war with my amazing, compassionate, and strong husband and not going it alone. I’m also thankful for my two beautiful and healthy kids. They are breathtaking and brave and funny and loud and healthy…and did I say funny? Well they are.

Isabelle bed hopped all night last night. That’s not so funny, more annoying, but at one point she went into Grace’s room at o’ dark thirty this morning and starting yelling at her soundly sleeping sister, “Get up Grace! I said Get up!” (I’m still not to the funny part…) Grace woke up and started crying, Conrad jumped up, grabbed Isabelle, she started crying. Then we were all up in the hallway…my heart was racing as I limped/ran to see what was going on.

I took the now hysterical three year old back to bed and asked her why she woke up her sister to which she replied tearfully and emphatically, “I just don’t know.” Okay, it’s funny now. Now that the sun is fully up.

So here’s to a new year, with new expectations, and full nights’ sleep!