Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sitting Up

Isabelle hasn't been feeling great this seems like perhaps she's getting something else from daycare..poor kid. We are heading to the Stenner's this weekend to visit our good friends Eli, Jayden, Gary, and Ruthie (who's 60th birthday is this weekend!!!) Happy day Ruthie--the queen of puns! Hopefully we will have more pictures to come.


"The only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." -Olympia Dukakis in "Steel Magnolias"

This is part of my little diva's new accessory collection. Of course what you don't know about this picture is that she's taking the glasses off mid shot. Shoes, barretts, bows, sox, sunglasses, hats, they all come off within a minute or so. Apparently, she's not feelin' the diva....

By the way, Isabelle slept through the night last night! Whoo hoo! *happy dance* Went to sleep at 8:30 last night and slept till about 6:45 this morning. Of course, it was only one night, but let's pray this is the beginning of something beautiful. I sure have been praying about this! So thank you Lord!!!!

Scrapbooking: Check

Okay, I'm quite proud of myself for completing six pages of Isabelle's scrapbook this weekend. When I get all of that stuff out, I just can't put it away and stop. I really like's a great outlet for creativity (although I mocked my friends for scrapbooking in the past. I now sincerely apologize.) Conrad calls it Crapbooking. So I thought I'd share some of my accomplishments from the weekend

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Turn Turn Turn

Isabelle changes so much each day I have a hard time keeping up with it! I look around and wonder how to record her changes!? I guess I have the ever looming scrapbook guilt hanging over my head..but what can be done? I've only done up to maybe last october. I still have our trip to India, Christmas, first this and first that. Eeesh.

For now, I'll tell you about a couple of new things. First of all, her hair seems to be getting curly. Not surprising given her parents. It's even getting long enough to put little things in, like barretts.

She is also getting steller at sitting up. Of course, she still tips over every 3 or 4 minutes, but still, quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you say?

Have a great weekend, my blooging friends.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Had a Nice "Trip"

I have been putting off posting because I have not downloaded pictures from my camera in a few days, and let's face it, my family and friends far and wide mostly read my blog to see pictures of Isabelle!

We had a nice relaxing weekend this last weekend. For us, it was three days long! Thank you American Presidents! We have decided to invest in Blockbuster's All Access pass, and since it's cold and blustery here in Ohio, have really made use of the thing. On Saturday I got my hair cut and colored, went shopping(at a consignment store, no less) I have been putting off and putting off buying clothes. I keep thinking I'll get back into my old clothes soon. Well, soon hasn't come soon enough, so I compromised by buying used clothes. It had to be done, but I feel better about not spending so much on it. Let me tell you tho, I highly recommend a good consignment store. GREAT prices, name brands...what's not to love?

And Sunday night we went to a birthday party for the son of one of Conrad's co-workers. It was an Indian b-day party and about 100 people were there for his son's first birtday...that's a lot to live up to for Isabelle's first birthday!

On the way out of the building that night, there was a group of about 10 men out smoking. We were walking out and I knew it was icy. As soon as I saw all of those people out there I thought to myself, "I'm going to fall." And as if in self-fulfilling prophesying , I slipped and fell! Flat on my back! No worries, I'm an expert at falling, so no long term injuries befell me! Ha!

On Monday, my mom, dad, Aunt Brenda, Papaw Clynis, and cousin Brittany came down to spend the day visiting "us" (i.e. see the baby). It was nice to spend the day with everyone and we ending with a nice trip to the mall, where Isabelle (of course) got another cool outfit complete with Sunglasses, hat, and silver shoes (pictures to come).

All and all a very nice weekend, despite my Sunday night "trip."

Friday, February 16, 2007

Going Postal

I never understood what that term meant until I started working for the government. I now fully understand why Postal workers go crazy. It's like a minefield of buearacractic obstacles. Meaningless, pointless, expensive, wastful obstacles. I call it the "beast." At some point in my career I had to decide to chill out or die of a heart attack asking "WHY??" Why do we do this or why do we do that and getting answers like, "That's just the RULES."

I'll tell you a story about my first staff meeting. About ten of us sat around a table as my manager (who is no longer here) said we are going to "redo" Thus And Such Manual. Okay. I can do that. Then she pulled out ten copies of the manual and said "Turn to page one, paragraph one, sentance one." Seriously we spent the next three hours "redo"ing a 90 page manual, and never got past the first paragraph. That was four years ago and we have NEVER finished reworking that particular piece. I remember looking around the table and calcuating how much money per hour the ten of us just cost the good citizens of Ohio. That meeting prompted me to ask my manager if I could present a summary of a book I had just read on Time Management....I still remember the blank stare she gave me. I could almost here that cartoonish *blink blink* sound when she blinked her eyes during the silence.

Alas my plight here has ceased to become a plight and I have officially become a slacker. I'm not complaining. I get paid well to be a slacker. As long as you don't rock the boat, things seem to drift along seamlessly toward that nirvana called retirement. At least I think that's the goal everyone is shooting for??

Geeze, I hope no one from the office reads this one...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Building A Cake

Happy Valentines Day! We are snowed in here in Columbus, Ohio and celebrating the fact that we will not be able to get out of our driveway tommorrow morning. Tonight I built Conrad a cake for Valentines day(yes it's a subtle Napoleon Dynamite reference). The cake is sad...very sad. I thought I would try to "frost" a cake with whipped cream. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Just a tribute to Valentines gone past...many a V-day my best friend Rachel and I would celebrate with a review of our favorite chic flick, The Princess Bride. Rach, who would have thought what Valentines Day 2007 would have brought us! Two wonderful husbands, beautiful little Isabelle, and so many other blessings:)Congratulations!

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Check Up

This morning we had Isabelle’s 6 month check-up/immunization visit. We are getting used to getting shots. She seemed to be less traumatized by the shots, yet still very traumatized by the doctor, himself. The moment he puts the stethoscope to her chest she starts shaking and crying!

Our morning started off well, as we were in the waiting area, sitting calmly, playing. The 4 year old boy sitting next to us was being instructed by his (somewhat overzealous) mother that they were going to see the “tickle doctor.” What doctor is that? Not our doctor. See, I’m just not a big fan of lying to the kids. When they get in there and there are not tickles, just pokes, it would confirm that you, mother, are not trustworthy. Just a big fat liar!

So, we went into the ped’s office and began the normal procedure. Today took so much longer than usual. And, something new, a LPN came in and “triaged” us. She told me all of the things I’m supposed to be doing. Most of which I tuned out as I smiled and nodded. I read too much to take some of her lame advice. I know I sound like a know-it-all. But what do they say? “I’m the mom.”

THEN the doctor came in. I have to tell you about Dr. D (I’ll call him this to protect the innocent). When Conrad and I went to the first few appointments together, we had to make a conscience effort not to look at each other when Dr. D. would talk. Because he repeats himself three or four times. “What I think……What I think……What. I. Think…….is that we need to up her feedings to every two hours.” “She needs….she needs…..She….Needs….to be sleeping 14 hours every day.” All very comical.

So the outcome was, Isabelle is 14 pounds, 3 and ½ ounces and 25 inches long (25 percentile). Right on schedule and hitting all of the appropriate milestones. Plus, Dr D. said, “She has a beautifully shaped head.” Then thought he’d add, “I guess that’s like telling someone they have a nice a**, but it’s always nice to hear.”

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Six Months Today

Today Isabelle is six full months old! Where did the time go? I think everyday she get's more and more beautiful. She is feeling much better these days and more interactive than ever. Last night she slept in her crib all night long and woke up happy as a clam. But she has been getting up more in the middle of the night than usually. I think she got used to waking up while she was sick. We are starting baby sign language this month. I have learned several words but she just looks at me like I'm from another planet when I sign them to her. Oh well, we'll keep working on it. But I HEAR that your kid have up to a 12 point higher IQ if you use baby sign language...who knows!!?? :) It just sounded like a good way for a pre-speaker to communicate to me.

She's really starting to get into food and show a lot of interest. This you can see from her intense concentration in the pictures in this post. She is so fun!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Fashion Diva

I don't know about where you are at, but here it is COLD. Too cold to snow. Too cold to go outside. Too cold to do just about anything but sit at home by the fireplace! Burrr...My computer is reading 9 degree's farenheit. That's 8 degrees warmer than this morning. My computer read 1 degree at 9am (FYI, that's about 17 degrees below zero celcius!) Anyway, I have been buying Isabelle sweaters galore. I just thought they were so cute and she's finally getting big enough for some of the cuter things. By the way, she has successfully passed 14 pounds! And she will be six months old this week! She is actually just about in the 25 percentile. Last week we were at a resturant and a family walked in with a little boy in a car seat. We started talking and it turned out thier little Owen was about two weeks younger than Isabelle. And Owen was over 21 pounds! His daddy was hoping they had a football player on thier hands:)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Catching up

Alrighty, I am trying to post some video's of Isabelle. Our new video camera burns directly onto a minidvd and i haven't quite figured out how to get it from the disk to my pc...*sigh* But hopefully this works!

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Let it Snow

Last week we had our first real snow of the year. Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas must have gotten ours this winter. Hence, it was Isabelle's first snow of the year. Conrad always looks at Isabelle and says to her (in the thickest Indian accent he can muster)"You and me, baby, we are from hot country. We don't like this cold (fill in the blank with snow/ice/rain)." So my suggestion to go take her out to touch the snow was summarily rejected. Before you (who might also be from a hot climate) dismiss me as an irresponsible parent, I am coming from a family where my first snowmobile ride occured when I was about 3 months old. I think the legend goes that my dad was watching me and I dirtied my diaper. Since my mom had the car and the weather was ripe AND he didn't want to change my diaper, he promptly put me on the snowmobile, and drove me to my Grandma's house. And she was only too happy to remove me from my refuse.

Boy, I just made a short story pretty long.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Post for Natalie

My friend Natalie LOVES to see pictures of kids with food on thier faces, so I thought I would oblige her and post a few from Isabelles first few experiences with babyfood. She loves those peas!!