Thursday, September 29, 2011


On my Summer To Do List was to take the kids to our local Children’s Theatre. Of course, the performance didn’t “technically” fall into the summer season, but I’ll go ahead and check it off the list anyway, because that’s what I like to do! My sister, Jona, and neice, Abby, along with my mom came down to go with us. We bought tickets the day the box office opened and it was a good thing because they were completely sold out, early on!

After a little research we figured out that Pinkalicous, the Musical, was coming to the Children’s Theatre. If you haven’t read the Pinkalicious books and you have little girls, you should get yourself a copy. It’s all about a little girl who LOVES Pink. The musical was highly entertaining, and I have to say, perfect for our age group. It was one hour long and held our 2,3, and 5 year old’s attention COMPLETELY for that hour. They barely moved…spell bound by the dancing cupcakes and pink haired character!

It was so cute to see an audience full of little girls wearing pink. Not to mention, my mom had bought the girls all Pinkalicious books (which we actually had never read) and they went on stage after the show to have all of the characters sign their books.

We ended our fun outing with pink cookies at the North Market for the girls. They had a blast…and so did we!

Goodnight Prayers

We always pray with our kids before they sleep. After Conrad and I went to a great Parenting Conference put on by Focus on the Family, we started praying Numbers 6:24 over our kids each night as a blessing. And when you think about it, it really does cover all of the bases: "May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His Face shine on you and be good to you all of your days. May the Lord turn His face upon you and give you peace."

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bento Thursday

Like all things blog related, I'm behind on Bento Thursday. But, with the beginning of a new school year, I have revived interest in bento-ing. It helps that I bought a few new bento boxes. With Isabelle actually entering school, I bought a couple bigger bentos. She got a cute new lunchbag(and backpack) from Aunt Brenda and Thornton for her birthday so I had to buy the matching bento box that fits in it. HAD to, of course.

I also bought a great new Laptop Lunch box with some additional containers. This is great for Conrad and I's lunch as well! And, not wanting Grace to feel left out, I bought this cute little panda lunch box, on sale for about $14 on

I haven't been super creative these first couple weeks of school, but enough to keep them eating, at least. Without further ado:

In the top box you have fresh berries, fishy crackers, and DIY smores. In the bottom you have a yogurt drink and a castle turkey and cheese decorated by Isbaelle herself!This is her new Spencer Bento Box.

The top is Grace's bento box and the same lunch for Isabelle in the bottom. In Kindergarten there is no microwave to warm up food. She has a real problem with this and has told me several times already that she can't eat cold food! So we got an inexpensive thermos and I warm it up before school and apparently it's still hot at school. here you see Mac and cheese with crabby hotdogs with cheesy eyes (they don't last so well being warmed up!)Cataloup hearts and in-season raspberries, a small container of ketchup, homeade blueberry muffin, and half of a fruit roll up for a treat. Most of these little Laptop Lunch boxes have lids with them

Here you have a homeade pizza with little turkey pepperoni hearts. Berries, blueberry mini muffins, and carrots and dip. I love those little dip containers, they are the perfect size!

Here is Grace's new Panda lunchbox (so cute, right?) And the bottom is Isabelle's equivalant. They love lunchables, so I cut out little shapes out of block colby cheese and the beloved turkey pepperoni. You also have fishy crackers, fresh peaches and raspberries, and a blueberry muffin. There is also an organic fruit leather.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My Little School Ager

Last week Isabelle started Kindergarten. Where in the world has five years gone? Wasn't it just last week we brought her home from the hospital? Isabelle has been as cool as a cucumber about the whole thing, although the week before last before her "staggard start" day (where she and I went to school for just two hours) you could tell she was getting quite nervous with everyone asking her questions about her first day.

She's going to our church's Christian School and they have to wear uniforms. I thought this would be a battle. When I first brought the new uniforms home she turned her nose up and said, "Yuck, they look like boys clothes." But we eased her in with the plaid jumpers, complete with matching hair accessories, then introduced the polo shirts and kaki pants. She was much more okay with it after she saw all of the other little girls wearing the same things.

Conrad and I dropped her off at school the first day and no one shed one tear! It was so gradual and really, I think I got it all out when I had to leave her at daycare when she was 3 months old! That was a rough week, let me tell ya! But Kindergarten? We all seem to be holding up just fine.

It was kind of nice that Conrad's mom could be there for the first day. Being in Inda, she misses out on a lot of milestones with our kids. But at least she was there for the first day of kindergarten!