Friday, June 29, 2007

New Day, New Daycare.

Our week is tracking along. Last night we had a 4th house showing! In five days! We can get on-line and see feedback from the agent and potential buyer. So far, we know for sure two of the four aren’t interested for various reasons. But, like we always say, we only need one!

This kind of messes up our nights tho. For one, we have to run home and get the house ready, and usually be out by 6…that’s fast! And then we have to leave until 7ish. By the time we get back it’s Isabelle’s bedtime. So we usually go to dinner, then come back. I have to say that I am tired of eating out.

On another front: Yesterday was Isabelle’s last day at her daycare. She LOVES Kim, her caregiver, and Kim loves her. The numbers have been slowly diminishing after the daycare announced they were closing. So when we arrived last night there were two kids left, Isabelle and another little guy. Isabelle was sleeping and Kim was hovering by her crib, while rocking the last little baby. Kim was teary eyed and everybody was weepy by the time we packed up to go. Boy, we will miss her loving care of Isabelle.

On the next front: Today was Isabelle’s first day of her NEW daycare. Isabelle was happily oblivious this morning, but I had butterflies in my stomach all morning thinking about the impending change. We pulled up to the church and Isabelle got out and looked around puzzled as to where we were at.

We slowly went in and the place was jam packed, with a few classes of older kids, as I think they have a summer program there. But it is a happy, bright, happening center, with lots of friendly staff. We took her into her room, filled out some paperwork, and stayed a while to chat with her teachers. Her favorite friend from her old daycare, Cheyenne is also in her new class, but wasn’t there this morning.

About 40 minutes in, Isabelle was down playing and smiling at everyone, happy as a clam. She had a moment or two of unsurity, but adjusted pretty quickly. One of her new caregivers, Tracy, was telling us that every other week a lady comes in to do a program with the little ones called “Wee-joicing” and they do worship and praise with Isabelle’s class that involves movement and singing. She says the kids really get into it and LOVE it. I would love to see that!

So, pray for Isabelle today, if you think about it. It was still difficult to leave her. I like her new daycare, but the old daycare was full of friends of mine, people I knew very well. So this is a little scarier for us. I know she’ll be fine. More than that, I know she’ll do great! She’s easy going and makes friends easily, but she’s still my baby.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

She's almost walking!

Can you believe it??

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Three Down

Today we have our third house “showing” in four days. It’s not that bad, in that 1.) they are close together 2.) The house is already clean from the previous showings, so there is not much to do! There is something to be said for a house that is showcase clean 
On the other hand, we have to live in a house that is showcase clean! Not an easy task. So, we go out to eat a lot. Who wants to cook in a house like that? I al ways figured those beautiful houses you see in magazines and lust after must be heck to live in. After all, it’s a lot of pressure to keep your house that pristine. I am beginning to wonder if my new kitchen looks as cool as it does in my head if I will REALLY want to use it. You know, wear, tear, dirt, grease!? Hmmmm…I hope Conrad isn’t reading this. He may rethink the granite countertops…
I do have some thoughts on home showings. You have to leave your home and complete strangers come parading through assessing your home (not to mention your style, taste, cleanliness, and probably your value system, as in, “Why wouldn’t they invest the money to get rid of these wretched linoleum floors??”) Not even your real estate agent is there most of the time. But THEIR real estate agent (who I will be paying a fine fine price to)is there.
Then I wonder HOW interested is someone who comes to see your house? Is this someone who is just browsing or someone who is a serious buyer? Did they see our home and were wildly interested or did the agent see it fit into their budget and geographic location criteria and shove it down their throats? Who knows?! My friends Scott and Kirsten sold their house on the first showing, with less than one week on the market! Now that’s the way we like it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fairwell to Good Friends

For the first six or so years I lived in Columbus, the Lord led me to a small church on the west side called Grace Community Church. The Pastor and his wife were round-a-bout friend from ORU. We had a great time serving together and really just doing life together. And over the past six years or so have been some of my dearest and most faithful friends.

A year or so ago, Conrad and I felt like it was time to move on to something new, but my friendship with them has continued. They were really like family to me. Before I was married and I needed a “rent-a-husband” (to fix things or carry things) Kirsten loaned out Scott (or I guess I should say, Scott loaned himself out!) without reservation and was there every time! When Conrad and I married, Scott performed the ceremony and Kirsten helped me with wedding details. When I was sick or sad, Kirsten was always there to talk or cry with. I have told her before, but I believe that she was one of the truest examples of a friend I have ever had.

I say all of that to say this weekend, after 11 years of faithful and wholehearted service at Grace, they picked up and moved to the other side of the country. Scott took a job on staff at Next Level Church in Florida! I am so excited for them in the next phase of their lives. I love you guys! We'll see you on our next Disney Vacation!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Almost Done Convalescing

Just thought I would let you know that the surgery went well. I was out of the hospital, rather delicately, and home by 6pm. Although I was still out of it for a while! The pain medication was wonderful, until it started making me throw up on Saturday…odd. So I opted for the pain vs. the nausea.

Isabelle is kind of confused as to why Mommy can’t pick her up or take care of her too much. I think this almost cured her of her mommy preference….so sad. And, as I was laying in bed on Friday thinking to myself what a bad time this would be to have a house showing, we get our first call telling us that we have a showing on Sunday! No joke!! So my wonderful mom and husband got to work without me and the house looked great on Sunday! Actually I had no idea my husband was so meticulous when he had to be!

So today is my last day off of work. I was going to go back to work, but after an evening at the mall, having to be out of the house for the showing…I was really tuckered out and couldn’t quite manage it.

Thanks for praying for me this weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Going Under

So tommorrow I go under the knife. Yes indeed, tommorrow afternoon is my first ever surgery of any kind. Gall bladder removal. Surgery at one and I should be home by 6. At least that's what they tell me!

I just thought I'd let you know so that you can pray for me. Oma and Opa are coming down tonight to help out with Isabelle for the next couple of days. I know Isabelle will love it. She's so cute these days. I have been practicing some movement worship stuff for our upcoming Missions Camp at church and she watches me and bobs her whole body up and down as hard as she can. Maybe she'll be musically inclined?? :)

This is a picture of Isabelle and her Papaw Clynis...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend at Oma’s

This past week has been such a whirlwind week! Conrad was out of town so we had to do quite a bit of juggling with my clinic schedule and him being away. So we ended up spending some time at my parents at the beginning of the week and leaving Isabelle there an extra night.

So everyone gathered to see the sole grandchild. I miss her so much when I’m not with her, but I think everyone involved, her at the top of the list, has fun. Well wouldn’t you? They put her on the ground, she crawls about two feet, she sits up and claps her hands and smiles, and all half a dozen people around her, smile, clap, and yell “Yeah!” with her. Every grunt, sound, movement, smile, laugh, and giggle is rewarded with undivided attention and genuine appreciate. She was in heaven.

But I must add myself to the group of Isabelle admirers. I think all of the attention caused a slew of changes in this baby. Let me highlight for you some changes in Isabelle over the past two weeks:

 She went from totally stationary to crawling to pulling herself up and letting go for 2 or 3 seconds at a time!
 She went from goo goo ga to saying, “Bye Bye” and waving, and saying “Uh Oh” all the time!

And, of course, she now has, down pat, the temper tantrum. Head tossed back, back arched, red faced, screaming bloody murder at the top of her voice. An old friend of mine used to call it the “I am God” back arch. So the games begin….

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Glutton for Pampering

Saturday I went and cashed in my mothers day gift for a whole day of Spa treatments…pure heaven. My friend Heidi and I both got a full hour massage, facial, mani, and pedi. LOVED it! I think this really should be something that every girl does on a regular basis…monthly, if not weekly. Do you think Conrad would go for that?

Conrad spent the day with Isabelle. They had some special bonding time…er..well, actually I think she slept through most of the day with Daddy. But she was bright and chipper for the rest of the day with us. And she is such a little flirt. We went to have Dosa for dinner and she just stared and stared at the guy in the restaurant, until he finally looked at her and she beamed her best little grin. So far, she has found to be true her personal belief that the world revolves around her.

At the advice of our realtor, we then decided to paint our master bathroom…blak…nothing is more tedious than painting a bathroom. And it really makes me look forward to a whole house full of white rooms…and particularly lots of bathrooms (dripping with sarcasm). But, the bathroom looks fabulous, despite all of our obvious flaws around the edges. By the way HOW do you paint behind the toilet?? I have no idea! And what is the proper order of things: caulk then paint or paint then caulk? I think we chose the wrong route.

But, it ended up that a whole evening of inhaling paint really irritated my pesky cold and I was up most of the night coughing and hacking. Good times. Overall a great weekend tho.

Pop or Soda

This is an age old question in my subculture. I guess when you have a large group of people from different parts of the country or world, it always comes down to pop or soda. So I thought the below survey was interesting:

What American accent do you have?
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The South
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What American accent do you have?
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Daycare Dilemma, Part II

As I’ve mentioned before, Isabelle’s daycare is closing at the end of the month. We, luckily, got her a spot at another church daycare in our town. But, we also interviewed a stay at home mom yesterday. I think we’ll probably stay with the church daycare, even though it’s MORE expensive than our present daycare and TWICE as much as stay at home care.

You know, it’s just really scary out there these days. The thought that we wouldn’t personally know who’s caring for our child, that we don’t have a relationship with them, that we don’t know who is in and out of their home all day really made the decision for us. I know that scary things can happen in daycare’s too. But at least daycare’s have a certain amount of safeguards in place. This one seems really nice and Christ focused in a lot of ways. But it’s still not as ideal as the one in my church, where I knew everyone and trusted everyone!!

God knows. We do trust Him with Isabelle. We do pray over her daily that she is protected and secure, no matter if she is with us or not. We believe that God will keep her, and she will not be a magnet for the crazies in the world, nor a victim of ANYTHING!

But pray with us, as we walk out this Trust for our Little One and day care. We want a smooth transition from this daycare to the next….and then the NEXT when we move to the other side of town. Wouldn’t it be perfect if someone we knew from church decided to do homecare…AND lived near our house?? Or better yet, Conrad got a bigwig high paying exec job and I could stay home with Isabelle most of the day!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Strep Throat

So there was a notice on the door of the daycare that Strep Throat has been going around…and lucky me, I got it. So this morning I spent with my (Eastern European) Doctor, Dr. J. I really like her, actually. We have only been there one other time, but she was very personable and spent a lot of time chatting with me about my concerns and symptoms. How rare is that these days? That is the sad part about moving to the other side of town…we are going to have to find new doctors for everything! And just when we were getting used to the ones we had!

So a shot of penicillin and some Claritin later and I’m back at my desk, feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck. Good times. Dr J told me that I wasn’t contagious and I could return to work. And I am trying desperately to conserve my sick time since I will be having my gall bladder removed at the end of the month…ick! And as many of you mom’s know out there…sick time is no longer your own. My sick time I now use for my sick child and my “sick” time is spent at my desk, trying to quietly avoid interacting with others.

Strep seemed to have passed Isabelle and Conrad right on by. As you can see, she’s happy as a clam in her new dress, compliments of Grandma Margie.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Future Water Bug

We had a busy weekend here at the Michael house. We started the dreaded house repairs, which ends up, we did pretty well. Okay, before you get too awfully impressed…we learned to spackle and caulk. But overall we were rather impressed with ourselves.
On Saturday we took Isabelle to her first pool outing. We put her in her spiffy new bathing suit that my mom bought her, complete with matching hat (consequently, the bathing suit and hat also match the dress I got her for her first pictures. So yes, you’ve seen it before!). She looked so cute. The water was still a bit chilly, as it’s only the beginning of the season, so she was a bit apprehensive at first. After she got used to the water, boy did she take off. She LOVED it. She splashed and kicked and had a grand ole time. We only stayed for a few minutes, but we had fun!