Friday, August 18, 2006

Burps Like A Sailor

Since Isabelle has been born we have been playing the "who does she look like" game. "I think her ears are like mine. "I think she got her lips from me." She is so tiny, we are really not sure who she looks like. But there is one thing neither of us wants to take credit for. Our little petite, dainty, five pound daughter burps like a sailor! After every 10 or 15 ounces of milk, a little tapping on the back, and she let's it rip. We follow with the obligatory, "Good girl!" and she falls silently to sleep. What a little angel :)


Anonymous said...

Little Isabelle would be at home in Asia... burping is so polite. I had another "overnight" Sat. with my friend here. I thought I would never have to get used to sleeping with a girl again! I met her fiance's family. Please pr. for hunger for truth and grace. We're doing well. Just had an awesome bowl of dahl and what they call "onion egg bread" here. RM

Beth said...

Be quite thankful for Sailor similarities . . . mine always take forever, and at 3:00am sometimes you just want to give up . . . but if you do, you PAY for it later with lots of spitting up!