Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Gift of Service

If you have ever read the Gary Chapman book, The Five Love Languages, you might be familiar with your love language. My primary language is Time Spent. Lucky for me, Conrad is also Time Spent. But my mom is acts of service. I never realized how great is it to have a mom who's love language is acts of service. My mom has been great since Isabelle has been born. She comes and visits us on the weekend and watches the baby so we can get several consecutive hours of sleep...how great is that?? And when the baby was born she came and helped out. AND, Isabelle and I are traveling to India by ourselves so my mom is buying a ticket and going with us, just so she can help us with the travel! Thanks Oma...we love you!


jaydensjourney said...

Give Oma a hug for me...you are going to be so thankful that she is traveling with you to India. When do you go?

Disposable changing pads are wonderful for flight travel. Lots of layers and extra outfits too! A little unsolicited advice from someone whose child arrived home forever in a sweater and a diaper due to travel blowouts.

Also scope out where the changing tables are on the plane...there is at least one but usually not a table in every one.

One last thing... once you and Oma book tickets, call to make sure you are sitting together.

Traveling at this age isn't too bad. NO HIP HAMMACKS on the plane. Sorry it's my new soap box after the flight attendant horror stories...get a baby carrier that has Isabelle upright and you would need to take her out of when sit down. Really traveling at this age is fun...I pray you guys have a smooth, uneventful, fun trip.

jaydensjourney said...

Oh one last thing I learned from another flight attendant when traveling with Jayden (she required this on all her flights). Hold Isabelle in the burp position (up to your shoulder). Have one arm up her spin with your hand holding the back of her head... do this for takes off and landings. This way you have full control of her head and body. I also held him this way during any turbulence.

Most flights they don't say anything but I really appreciated the advice. I'll be quiet now...have a great time!

michelle franzen said...

Moms are great hey!
I think all 5 of the love languages are my primary. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm so glad to hear Mom2 gets to go too! Do tell your travel dates. We'll be praying for you! I wish I could stow in one of these Tamil speaker's luggage and meet you there! RM

Shanygne said...

so awesome!!! I didn't appreciate my mom when she came (when Ethan was born), but I sure do, now...(and yes, I told her that)

Have a great trip! When do you go?

teejay said...

Hi Nel,

I am not sure how much time I will have for blogging, but I want to learn, learn, learn about it, so I thought I would give it a try. I have a traveling tip for you. Take plenty of zip bags for dirty or wet diapers, clothing. You will be able to zip the odor in and then throw away or launder later. I flew to Fla with Philip when he had the end of the flu and the nurse in the Drs. office told me to pack various sizes of the ziploc bags for various problems.
I am sure that you are more than prepared, just adding-as Aunts sometimes do...Loving you and missing you. Teejay