Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dubai @ Ramadan

I guess I forgot to add some important details about our trip to India. We just happened to have two significant layovers. The first was at JFK, where my Aunt Becky, from San Diego, just happen to be flying out of New York at the same time we were flying in. She had not seen the baby yet and was really excited to meet Isabelle. Her company had taken a bunch of the ladies on a 2 day extravaganza to NYC. Now that's a nice perk! (A big hello to all of Aunt Becky's Co-workers, who I found out read our blog)

We then had a layover in Dubai, UAE. My brother-in-law, Alfred, lives there and we stopped over and got a whirlwind tour of Dubai, which is a pretty cool city, I might add. And I made a long list of things to do NEXT time we visit Dubai, and hopefully for a longer time. I hear they have a Shopping Festival....seriously, we'll have to plan our next visit around THAT! But it was good to introduce Isabelle to Alfred for the first time too!

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Beth said...

Such fun pictures—I'm glad you had a great time. Having traveled quite a bit with babies, I loved the way your friend Rachel put it—that is so true. As Americans we do tend to be less gracious in that respect.