Friday, October 06, 2006

Goodbye for now...

We are off to India tommorrow so I will probably be disconnected for a couple of weeks. Pray for us as we travel. I know lots of my mom friends are probably old pro's at international travel with children, but this will be my first trip! We are excited and, as you all know, and many share my passion, I do love to travel, but there can be so many variables with a small child.

My friend Rachel shared some wisdom from her wycliff friends who said don't fret as much when traveling to places like Asia because the asians on the flight have much more grace for a crying baby than americans, since they are probably used to living in more community settings, it doesn't seem to frazzle them as much. This helped alot!

Off for now!

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Shanygne said...

Hope all is going well! Can't wait to hear how the trip went. I;m sure Conrad's family is so thankful and excited to have you!