Monday, August 13, 2007

Birthday Fun

Wow, did we have a good weekend! For those of you who weren’t there! It started off kind of dodgy, with me spending the morning in Urgent Care. Yes, I have Strep AGAIN! Urggg. Luckily, my mom pretty much took care of the whole party, except for a few details that we handled…or I would have probably moved the whole shindig to McDonalds! THANKS OMA & OPA!

It was great to see my cousins (shout out to Michelle, Wendy, and Shawna), who we rarely get to see and all of their kiddos. Luckily, we borrowed a big inflatable water slide from my church and the older kids had a blast on it for hours. Later we quarantined it for the smaller kids, who also enjoyed it.

Isabelle was sleepy from the very beginning, but being the social butterfly that she is, stayed strong to the very last piece of cake was served. And that was a lot of cake. We grilled out, opened presents (of which she got 21…yes 21 new little outfits!! Thank you everyone who contributed to her new toddler wardrobe..she looks darling in what we’ve tried on so far!) and great new toys and other spoils. My parents got her a little oak table, just her size, that she had been eating at the whole weekend at my parents. Mommy and Daddy got her a little pink tea set to go with the table…but she’s not allowed to play with that till she’s older 

But the cake the by far the most entertaining part of the day. We got Isabelle a little cake of her own and she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first…then she dug right in! Little finger in it. Then another little finger. Then a chunk…and another chunk. She wasn’t getting much actually IN her mouth..but the pictures were priceless! I think she was trying to shove it in as quickly as possible, sure that this fun was going to stop any minute!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures; she sure was a little party girl. I hope both of you are feeling better...Isabelle after some sleep and that you are getting over the Strep.

Aunt Brenda

Beth said...

That is too, too cute! Nicholas turns 1 tomorrow. : )

Michelle said...

I love the cake picture. I'm so glad she deceided to wear her special birthday crown.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful. I cannot believe she is one year old. I am so happy for all of you. God has truly given you blessing in Isabelle. She is and always will be the princess. I love the pictures and post. Most days, I check the blog before my e-mail. I just wanted you to know that I am one of the many Isabelle Michael fans. May God continue to bless you all.
Love, Terri

Anonymous said...

Nellie, I have to say that it was such fun to have everyone here - and to celebrate our babydoll's birthday here. Your dad and I loved it - our house is still "Payne's party palace". But I have to say your dad and I couldn't have done it without your Gramma and Aunt Brenda. They cooked and bought food and helped with everything - even tho Gram was in so much pain---so it wasn't just Oma and Opa.