Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Buy Old Mattress!

In anticipation of a new house we have been furniture shopping. Particularly a mattress. I feel like we have to take out a second mortgage for a good one. Some guy tried to sell us a $5k mattress a couple of weeks ago. We told him that unless it get’s 40 miles to the gallon and has cruise control, we were not interested.

We have just been window shopping, since we really don’t HAVE the new house yet. BUT, since the mattress we currently have is the same one my Aunt Sheila handed down to me when I graduated from college 10 years ago and has seen upwards of 7 moves, we thought it was time to get serious about a new one. So we looked and looked and looked. We finally decided on a nice pillow top that we got for a decent price at some “Mattress Outlet” store. But that’s not the exciting news…

A few months ago I found a bedroom set that I REALLY wanted at Sofa Express. It was pricey, so we kept looking. I never found anything else I liked. So we decided to go back to Sofa Express and maybe just look at getting the bed, not the set (since we did not have a bed that fit the king sized mattress that we bought!). When we got there it was discontinued! They no longer carried it! Of which the sales guy had specifically told me that it was a long standing style and they would carry it forever. Urggg.

So I got the style and name of the bed and went home to google. I found it online for several hundred dollars MORE than Sofa Express was selling it. *Sigh* So, I found the manufacturer, and to make a long story short, called an “Outlet” store in Columbus. They had 2 King size bedroom suites in my style! And for a fraction of the cost! So we putted our pajamaed kid in the car, drove over and bought the whole thing! I just love a good sale!


drowninginblessing said...

I LOVE your bed! Typical Danielle class! We'll have to have you consult us on our village furniture... should it be the bright green mat or the chartroose one? :)

Emily Jade said...

Beautiful bedroom-to-be!! We still haven't decided on a bedroom set and we've lived here almost 6 years!! We're sad...I know...

Thanks for the comments about Jilly! Se looks so much different with her cheer wig in :O) That whole uniformity stuff has now also spilled over to "look" on the floor - so all the girls have hair pieces. It's SO much easier than setting their "real" hair the night before each competition!!

Skill levels are much different now - and the cheerleading industry is making real efforts to enact rules per division to help avoid injury. It all comes down to this - we were "ground bound". This stuff has been out there for years, and we just NEVER had the opportunity to see it. Sad from our little neck of the woods.

Cheerleading in HS absolutley had it's shares of ups and downs. I took away a real sense of how I wanted my squads to be run...opposite of what we experienced!! It - without a doubt - made me a stronger coach with more empathy towards my squads. I've turned out about 45 state champions in the 5 years I've been coaching out I'll toot my own horn and say my way WORKS!! One memory I will never forget - performing the last fight song of our senior year football season - just us seniors - at St. Mary's. Before you ask...yes, I can still remember the routine :O)

Michelle said...

Okay Danielle is this your bedroom or your bedroom to be?

Danielle said...

Oh, it's just the pictures of the bed/dresser/nightstand we bought

Did you think I had the throw positioned whimsically at the end of the bed to offset the color of the comforter?

The furniture comes Saturday :)