Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Showdown

We traveled south to Circleville, Ohio a couple of weekends ago to attend the annual great Pumpkin Show. And, besides who doesn’t love a 1500 pound pumpkin? Not to mention pumpkin flavored….everything. Of which, we partook of the pumpkin mini donuts (please temporarily disregard yesterday’s post about eating healthy).

The place was packed and it took us two hours to get there, where it usually takes us about 30 minutes! Isabelle loves anywhere were there are people, so she had a good time, but really had no tolerance for the 25 minute wait for the donuts. Her motto in life is “keep it moving!” I wonder where she came across that trait?

An interesting thing happened while we were in line waiting for the donuts. All of the sudden we heard this high pitched screaming. Everyone stopped talking to look around and see what it was. And right behind the donut trailer/stand was a big group of what had to be junior high girls (at the oldest, junior high) screaming at each other, posturing, and swearing.

I didn’t see any physical fighting and honestly, I was disappointed. What trip to a small town is complete without the occasional red neck display (You see, I can say this because I’m from a small town). We all watched until eventually, half of the group merged away from the fight with everyone following the lead girl like a flock of Canadian Geese as she swore loudly, and made threatening promises to the other half of the group.

We all rolled our eyes, wondering where these children’s parents were and what the world is coming to. Some of us prayed desperately that whatever these imagined parents lacked, we would have the insight to HAVE when it came to raising our children. Personally, I think it’s the hormones our milk and chicken. :)

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Emily Jade said...

whooooo! FIGHT!!

Us small towners are easy to amuse :O)

It sounded like you guys had a ton of fun at the fest! I really hate it when a bunch of girls get snarky like that in public - especially the language. I'm not really one to talk (I'm quite fluent in "sweareese"), but I share your thoughts of "Where are their parents?"