Monday, October 29, 2007

Just Call Me Martha

Some days I just feel the need to create. When I was young I just had to draw when this urge would strike. Now that I’m a bit older it manifests itself in scrapbooking (which I OD’d on several weeks ago and can’t seem to get that inspiration back!), blogging, or baking.

I belong to one of those cookbook clubs, so I get lots of cookbook catalogues. Although I don’t actually BUY many cookbooks, I get great ideas on books to check out at the local library! So one ice cream book, Slow cooker book, and Cupcake book later, I had a slew of recipes and a loooong list for the grocery store. Much to Conrad’s dismay. He always guesses how much I’ll spend based on the length of my list…and he’s usually pretty accurate!

So I would like to review a couple of recipes. First there is Easy Chicken Pot Pie (pictured here). Really good, and as it states…easy! Conrad and Isabelle both like it and it usually lasts us one dinner and at least two lunches. I love leftovers! So I’ll score it a solid 9 out of 10.

And also, Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes. Pretty (pictured here) with butterfly wings and lemon filling. Not easy, many many steps and dishes, (we all know I rate a recipe on how many dirty dishes I have at the end!) and half a dozen eggs later, I had 10 over-caloried pretty cupcakes that tasted..well…mediocre. But Conrad liked them, so I’ll score them a shaky 7 out of 10.


Wendy said...

The chicken pot pie looks fabulous!! I'd love the recipe. The heart is a nice touch~ just to show it's baked with love! Cute.

Anonymous said...

Nellie, I am impressed!! I'm going to show to your Gram - she will love it. Please share the recipe. Although Gramma makes us the best chicken potpie that I usually don't have to cook - I'd like to have a recipe to fall back on in case I need to cook sometime.
I love the cupcakes too!! You must be really bored!! :-) Can you come see us soon? I didn't get to see enough of Isabelle Sunday morning - just enough to tease me!!! Love, Oma

Michelle said...

Okay Martha I see you are over achieving again. At first I thought the chicken pot pie was an apple pie (that's how delicious it looks). How do you get the heart on it?

Lemon baked goods must be really good. I was at the bakery the other day (just looking), and I noticed that a lemon pie was one of the higher priced pies. I have never tasted one so I'm just assuming.

Emily Jade said...

Wow Danielle! I love the personal touches!

Since you brought up scrapbooking...I am always on the look out for embellishments for Track. If you happen to see any out there - could you please give me a heads up? I'd SO appreciate it :O)

I also have to say that the portrait sketches from Danielle that I remember from middle school were awesome! I am still suprised that you never professionally persued YOUR art. You have a gift and true talent - I wish I still had the ones that you had done of me during the big movie assemblies at the end of the school year! It was always a treat! Hope you're doing lots of sketches of Isabelle...