Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank You

Thank you for your prayers for my family and I during the last couple of weeks. I am honestly just beginning to process the loss of my grandpa and all that it means. Having a little one was a blessed distraction during a difficult time for my dad and for my grandma…and for me! But that also meant I didn’t have time to really think and process. Will I ever? In 18 years or so? I guess the realization that Papaw is gone has come slowly for me.

I have written down some thoughts about my Papaw and all that he experienced…and we experienced over the last couple of weeks. I will write about that more in the next few days.

For now, here is the light of our lives sharing the love in her Halloween costume. ..she is cute, isn’t she??


Tara said...

Losing a grandparent is not easy, no matter how old you are or how old you become. I was 11 when I lost my grandma and 24 years later, it still affects me in one way or another. The sad thing for me is that as I get older my memories start to fade a bit. I work very hard at ensuring she is never too far from my mind or heart.

As for Uncle Laymon - he was a pretty cool cucumber. Every memory I have of him is good and usually funny. One of my favorite, funny memories of him was when I was in highschool and he sent home some venice or squirrel for my then boyfriend to taste. Two days later said boyfriend broke up with me. He then told me that it was a good thing if he couldn't "take wild meat". Then came James. James passed the wild meat test and Uncle Laymon told me that he was a keeper!

On a serious note, your grandma and grandpa have been there for me through a few of the more difficult times of my life and were never judging. In my early 20's, I went to their house for refuge. They have always been supportive, loving and caring no matter the circumstance. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I am thankful that they are my aunt and uncle and for all the memories I have.

You are very blessed to have been given 30+ years to share SO much of your lives with one another. Memories that will last a life time and a love that will never end.

I will pray that you, Steve and Aunt Margie and the rest of your family can find comfort in his memory and peace knowing you will see him again.


Vicky said...

Ican only say that YOU were a true blessing to your grandma the last few weeks. The relationship you have with her and had with your Pawpaw is one that should be envied by all. I can't wait to read some of your thoughts. I pray for all of you.

Great seeing you and Conrad and Isabelle even though it was a sad time for everyone.

I read your comments to Tara- I do Love mthem all the same, really.

drowninginblessing said...

Hi D, you know our thoughts and prayers are with you and the whole Payne clan.
I love the pics of your little chickadee. What a ham she is! Those rosey cheeks... irresistable.
You know I was thinking, since you have the Indian thing going and we're not opposed to arranged marriage, how about your little darling chick for our little piglet Abe? RM

Michelle's Mom said...


Your daughter is beautiful and the outfit adorable. She really should win a beauty contest! I could stare at her all night!
Although your Grandpa Laymon is no longer here physically, he was always be alive in your heart. Each time your daughter smiles you know he is smiling down on you.
You've grown into a beautiful woman Danielle with a wonderful family. Your grandpa couldn't have been prouder!

Michelle said...

This has to be the best costume hands down this fall season. Isabelle has a gift all her own...the ability to make everyone smile when they lay their eyes upon her.

Emily Jade said...

TOO CUTE!! I love the picture on the top - what a ham!! Aren't they too precious for words sometimes? My husband is from Manila, he came to the Chi at 17. As of two years ago, all of his brothers and sisters are now in the US. Please don't fret over the language. Noel doesn't speak it at home - the kids pick it up from family gatherings. Evans Lolo (grandpa) was teaching him how to count on the sly :O) Almost all of the kids can pick up the gist of what's being said around them - but none of them speak it (except to swear - courtesy of Dad)...