Friday, November 16, 2007

15 Month Check Up

To give my child the benefit of the doubt, I should say, that Isabelle’s screaming and tandrem’s could be somewhat brought on by the fact that she got a fresh round of immunizations on Monday. I forgot to mention that, didn’t I?

Luckily, she didn’t remember the doctor’s office, and didn’t know what was coming, so it was somewhat uneventful until the actual deed. Dr. D had a nurse practioneer in training that day, so he took a little extra time to poke and prod my child and make notes about her to the student, while I stood by helplessly and Isabelle had enough sense to scream at the obvious feelings of being violated! I can’t say that I blame her for that one.

So, currently she is still just over 20 pounds (I was so sure she was safely in that front facing car seat!). 20 pounds and 11 ounces. She is 10th percentile on weight. And 30 inches long, which is 50th percentile on height. Tall and skinny…I’m guessing that that one may not stick with her lineage. Here’s hoping, for her sake, tho!

By the way, thanks for all of the great eating out advice! We will make sure to use all of your hard won wisdom! And I have been a little slow on the posting because our computer is currently slammed with spyware that basically froze the entire thing posting at home (wtih pictures!) has been a challenge!


Jona said...

She needs to spend more time at Oma's house if she wants to gain weight. She is always eating there. She likes Oma and grandma's cooking. I hope she keeps up with her current metabolism, then we can all envy her. It was great to see you guys last weekend and can't wait to see you Friday!

Emily Jade said...

Don't worry about it...I have a couple of teeny children too. I don't even worry now that two of my kids are the smallest in their class, and Evan (for the first two years) were a big beast!

Shanygne said...

YOU ROCK!!! (Yeah, I just got caught up on your cooking/ baking/ canning frenzy!)

Emily was 50% on everything until she was 4, then poof! she was 95th! She still hovers around there... Ethan is 37 for weight and 54 for height... hoping he has that boost next year, too. Katie is sharing similar numbers right now... a little light, a little long.

All of them PERFECT. Just like Isabelle.

Tara said...

I have been blessed with big babies! However, at his 1 year appt, Luke was in the 25% for his weight and the doctor directed us to increase his fat intake!
Tht is hysterical considering everything that is fatty has milk or butter in it and he can have neither! I bought vegan pot pies and dairy free pizza's and soy pudding, nothing had more than a smidgen of fat in it! So I guess I will have a tall skinny boy!
Isabelle will catch up, plus she looks perfect to me!
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Give everyone our love!