Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back in the Trenches

Today officially feels like vacation is over. In spite of the fact that we never really had many days off, things still felt “vacationy” over the last couple of weeks. Traffic was lighter, Isabelle stayed at home with Oma and Opa, half of everyone was gone, so most projects were on hold till after the New Year. Not to mention it seemed like the other half of everyone got sick and was out of commission.

But today, as we drove to the office, 15 minutes late and in bumper to bumper traffic I knew life was officially back to normal and things could no longer be put off. So we took down the Christmas decorations a couple of days ago and I went back to the gym (I was on sick sabbatical…that’s legitimate, right?), and I cooked dinner yesterday instead of coping out with a quick fix meal or a pizza suggestion. Life as usual.

And, I jumped back into preparations for our Kids Church kick off on Sunday. As usual in ministry settings, you are always short on three things:
1. Money
2. Time
3. Volunteers

I think that about covers it. So we are scrambling with our staffing gaps and our own lack of time while juggling family and jobs. I’m trying to convince myself (because I haven’t been “feelin” in lately) that the reality of the situation is what we always tell our teams on Summer Missions Trips, “No matter how good or bad our ministry tool(drama) is, without the Presence of God to show up and change people’s lives, we are just a bunch of kids flopping around the pavement.” I know that the same is true here. Without the Presence of God showing up to change our kids (and US!) we are just a bunch of parents running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

I know that, and believe it profoundly. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the tool (curriculum) we are using is GREAT, but requires lot’s of grunt work and preparation. Did I do enough to prepare?? I still remember Michelle F, speaking at PD camp, “Preparation brings peace.” Where is my peace???
If you remember, keep us in your prayers on Sunday, we are expecting big things from God!


Emily Jade said...

Planning can bring you peace, but sometimes only if you can see your plans end product!

shannon said...

why is izzy all in color and Eian in black and white. Are you trying to say something Dannielle?