Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Visit from Grandma

My Grandma Margie is with us this week “visiting.” In reality she should get paid for this kind of visiting. She has been watching Isabelle in the daytime and cooking for us at night…and everything else in between! We are definitely being spoiled!

I think she felt sorry for us from all of my whiny posts and decided to come help out. Isabelle is in a much better mood when she’s been home all day with Gram, and I LOVE not having to think about what to cook for dinner or even cook it for that matter!

Today I had my first real doctors appointment. As it turns out, my OB is pregnant and due in May! She assured me she would be back in plenty of time for our October arrival. Nothing revolutionary to report from this appointment except that I whined and complained to my doctor about feeling badly. She empathized…funny how a pregnant doctor seems so much more….well….empathetic! But didn’t do more than empathize.

Also, she couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat, which didn’t seem to concern her too much since I am right under 12 weeks so she scheduled an ultrasound later this week just so that “I wouldn’t worry for a month.” I’m not a great worrier anyway, but any excuse to add an ultrasound!

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Michelle said...

Again I must say "I'm not jealous" and keep reminding myself of that. I do love when my grandma visits it just makes my whole little universe better.