Monday, June 23, 2008

It'll be paid off in six years!

I recently ran into an old friend on Facebook. Some of you know Chris A, from our Teen Mania days. Chris and Kimmy now live in Colorado and Chris works for Focus on the Family. But, he also has another business, he helps families pay off their homes faster. When I found out about this, I immediately went into research mode.

After much questioning and googling, Conrad and I made an appointment with Chris and had him run an analaysis on our home. We were blown away to find that we could take our remaining 24 year mortgage down to 5.7 years! And, we did it without changing our monthly mortgage payments, our monthly budget, or refinancing. Needless to say, we jumped in and are so excited about what this has meant for our family! Imagine…we will own our home before Isabelle is even almost done with elementary school! Even if we decide to move, the amount of equity we will have in our home to cash out is drastic!

As I started thinking about it and praying about it, I got more and more excited about what this would mean for my friends and family and for the Body of Christ, in general. Imagine what we could really do if we weren’t bound by so much debt! The more we found out about the program, the more we started telling everyone we know about it. At this point, I decided I need to become an agent with the company. It’s certainly been a long time since I was THIS excited about anything that I called “work.”

If you want to find out more about the program, you can check out my website( at and just click on “Money Merge Account Overview” in the middle of the page to view an 18 minute video that shows how the program works. Contact me if you want to find out if you qualify.


Anonymous said...

Hey, your dad and I are excited about it too - we jumped on board immediately and I am excited to know that we will have our house paid off in about 4 years. This is really an answer to prayer for us - as I am really looking toward retirement!! Good luck and God bless on this endeavor. Mom

drowninginblessing said...

Wow, D. How exciting! I'm going to forward this to Britt and Jeff (Mark's sis). What an answer to prayer, too, for you to find some work you could do on your own schedule!

Shannon said...

I watched the video and it makes sense. I guess I just get a little scared about doing things in an "unconventional" way. Good luck, if it works for you guys maybe I will suggest it to others I know.