Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Her True Colors

Conrad dropped Isabelle off at Daycare this morning. Isabelle was pouting about something and her teacher was laughing at her obvious ploy for attention. She then commented, "You know she's wonderful, as long as she gets her way." Hmmm...our words exactly.


Natalie said...

What an adorable picture! She looks so grown up!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Michaels,
I have to say the pics of Isabelle are always so wonderful, they bring such joy into my life! Usually Is looks like her normal sweet self, but today, in this pic, she looks just like her momma.
I absolutely love reading your blog, and hearing about your sweet child. Have a wonderful weekend!
Terri Jones

drowninginblessing said...

Where did the baby go? She looks like a little girl in that pic, and yes, just like her mommy. RM

jaydensjourney said...

She is too cute in that picture.

Shanygne said...

oh my goodness! SO CUTE!!

Okay, do I already know what you are having??? Can't remember a post about it or a convo...

SO cool about Chris' business! I need to remember to tell Kevin about it!!

love you!!