Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Does my family like Conrad?

I recently ran across a blog where the author wrote the following couple of paragraphs. I laughed so hard, I almost spewed my non-fat, sugar free, decaf coffee. Just take out “Jon” and replace it with “Conrad.”

My father and stepmother gave both Jon and me cards with a little bit of cash tucked inside for our recent birthdays. They signed my card, "Love you." Jon's card was signed with, "Thanks for being who you are. Also, have we told you lately just how grateful we are you took one for the team? I mean, we know how hard it must be, and the fact that you continue to put up with it shows just how amazing you really are. There was a time when we thought she'd die alone, deserved to die alone, and then you came along and made it so that we didn't have to field those late night phone calls. You truly have a place reserved for you in heaven."

Okay, maybe it was just that first sentence, but I know exactly what my dad is trying to say when he doesn't say it. And when people ask me if my parents like Jon, I'm all, like Jon? Hmm. How do I put this? They think Jesus sent him.


drowninginblessing said...

Aah, sent from Jesus. How sweet and how true! I remember we used to muse in Tyler about what kinda guy D would need--who would be brave enough to challenge her and strong enough to inspire her. Conrad, you're it! (No pressure). In other replies, nope, Abe isn't walking yet. We'll definitely share that news!

Michelle said...

That's a very good phrase, "who would be brave enough to challenge her and strong enough to inspire her." Well put. That's a tall order Conrad was able to fill. Beyond a shadow of a doubt sent from above.

Anonymous said...

Now, Nellie, let's get this straight. We LOVE Conrad, and while we believe he is a gift from God (to us, as well as you) we do love you, TOO!! You know how we are (our secret!) everyone's our favorite. Make sure you don't let Conrad or Eric in on our little secret - because they each think they are my favorite son-in-law!!!! :-) Love, Oma/Mom