Monday, August 11, 2008

Goodbye to the Good 'ole Days

I guess last week Isabelle was giving us a good bye to the good ole’ days. She really wanted us to miss her first year. Because we do. Saturday, her first FULL day of being 2 was indeed, terrible. She was so exceedingly UNagreeable that she was “disciplined” upwards of 12 times. This is how the day began. “Isabelle, do you want cereal or eggs for breakfast?” “I want jelly beans.” Mommy replies, “Jelly beans aren’t a choice. Eggs or Cereal?” This goes back and forth a couple of times before, “Jell bells!! I want Jell bells!” Later that day she told us, “I want doggy. I NEED doggy.”

By 10:30pm, three hours AFTER her normal bedtime, she still wasn’t asleep. I am already not sleeping well and pretty much exhausted all of the time, I was reduced to tears at the thought of two of these children. What was I thinking? How can I manage two? (keep in mind, my wonderful husband and father of our children is really doing most of the “managing” at this point) Conrad told me I had better keep my genes in check with this next child, because he doesn’t think he can take two little “mini me’s”

Sunday morning, after two early morning episodes of “discipline” we decided church was out of the question for all of us, and started looking for a way to get out of the house and spend some of Isabelle’s energy. We decided to venture to the zoo. We actually bought season pass’s and the weather was beautiful! We had a wonderful time at the zoo and Isabelle really enjoyed it this time. The first time we took her she was about 11 months old. She really loved the animals and the train and begged to go on the merry go round (ie. See the horseys), but still screamed bloody murder on it…apparently she hasn’t grown out of her fear of things that go in circles. All in all, Sunday helped to redeem the weekend for us, and we had a great time together!


drowninginblessing said...

I hope Belle decides to give her mommy a kind birthday gift... a magnificent Monday. Happy Birthday, friend! We're thinking of you & love you.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know - your dad and I are going to get her a doggie and bring it to her this weekend...because we are the "supreme" Oma/Opa duo. Do you want a male or female dog?

The Polo Club said...

Yea, I am sure Danielle and Conrad will be really happy if you buy her a new dog. Give her exactly what she wants and then she will throw more fits because it worked. That is what Danielle and Conrad want.

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday Danielle!! I love Jona's comment. I think she speaks volumes there. Believe it or not these "terrific" (cough-cough)two's stage doesn't last long. Just when you finally get a handle on them they outgrow them and find an entirely new phase to baffle you as the parent.