Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby M, Coming Soon!

Yesterday, I stayed home sick, but didn’t get much rest, because I had two doctor’s appointments downtown. My OB examined me with still no progress to note. BUT, she was happy to hear that I have been having contractions, which means we are heading in the right direction. And, after discussion of dates, and availability, she “tentatively” mentioned Wednesday, October 8 as the “probably” date we would induce Baby Michael, if I haven’t gone into labor before then. I think Wednesday’s are her scheduled days at her office near the hospital, and I’ll be 38 weeks, and 6 days. My last ultrasound is scheduled for October 3, so much of the plan still hinges on that ultrasound and how big Baby M is getting. So two weeks from today will be his/her birthday, if not sooner!!

Consequently, this is our nephew Arnold’s birthday, and he was really hoping that this baby was going to come a week early for this birthday! I told Conrad to call him and tell him that we worked it out as a birthday present for him! Also, Arnold is expecting a little brother/sister in December!

The little smiley boy is Arnold with his cousin Treza.

On other fronts, I feel as if I’ve been run over by a truck. Besides being very pregnant, this cold is wearing me down. Just working 40 hours a week and coming home to spend some time with Isabelle and Conrad is just about more than I can do right now. Needless to say, I can’t wait to have this baby. When I gave birth to Isabelle, I felt like I could run a marathon the next day, I felt THAT MUCH better. I imagine this birth process will feel similarly!

Besides all of the physical preparations, which aren’t much honestly, we have been mentally and spiritually preparing for Baby #2. Maternity leave is restful for a full time working Mom, so we are both looking forward to a little change in schedule. Of course, we can’t wait to find out the gender of this baby and see his/her little face. But we have also begun praying for a healthy birth process and a smooth delivery. Pray with us, over the next couple of weeks, if you think about it!


The Polo Club said...

Mom told me that you the doctor had tentatively set the date for the 8th. We are getting so excited about the baby. We will be down on the weekend after you have her/him, so we can see our new little niece or nephew. We miss you guys, but it won't be long until we see you (probably just a couple of weeks).

Esther said...

Congratulations, D & Conrad!
I must have heard that you were pregnant, but stored this in the shock file. (Not to be accessed until something shocking/exciting happens).

Yea! Will be praying for safe, happy delivery. :)

Heather Costaras said...

Can't wait to meet BOTH your kids, actually! Morgan & Isabelle are just the perfect age to play together... and both very strong-willed it seems - so would be interesting to see (hee hee!).
Thinking of you guys and looking forward to seeing pics of Baby M!!

echo said...

dany! so nice that you will have the baby soon. god bless you have a healty and beautiful baby. Hope that 8th would be his/her birthday,as it is the same day with sorry these days are so busy and i have called you yesterday but nobody answered. hope to see you with delicious food and see the baby next month... what's more-it's a great name of michile #2