Friday, September 19, 2008

To Grandmothers House She Goes...

Isabelle is at her Oma and Opa’s house for a few days. We met my parents half way and dropped Isabelle off Wednesday night so she could spend a couple of days with them, while we (meaning I) get some rest. We miss her terribly when she’s gone, and the first night was rather rough. She cried, “Momma” for a quite a while before her grandparents finally got her to sleep! Fortunately for her and for them, the next night went better. And she has spent her time visiting farm animals, going to Cedar Point, and generally being the center of their universe.

I came home from work on Thursday and laid down to take a nap…a nap! Let me tell you, I felt like a new person when I got up. I was rather surprised at how much better I felt! So, my plan is to do the same thing tonight after work…nap. Then Conrad and I have plans to go to some kind of “grown up” restaurant, where it’s relatively quite and no one is dressed up like a cartoon character.

I’m also anxious to get a “to do” list done. Nothing big, actually it has more to do with redoing our room. We bought curtains and picture frames and I have been looking (for a year or more) for a new duvet. I think I found something I liked at West Elm. So a trip to West Elm is also on our agenda for tonight. Now I only have to buy paint and paint the walls (i.e. convince Conrad that painting is something he wants to do!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, just remember Oma likes to paint to. We are having a blast with Miss Personality plus. She is a doll. Oma/Mom

Leah M said...

What a great opportunity for you to get some "you" time and then some time with Conrad too. That sounds like a GREAT idea I'll have to store away for later when I'm almost due. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you got some rest; I'm sure it's just what you needed. I had fun with your little one on Thursday night, although she informed me she's not a "baby girl".
Remember, I like to paint, too, so maybe your Mom and I can be drafted if you need us.
Love, Aunt Brenda

Natalie said...

Hi D!

What is West Elm? How is it that I don't know about a home decor store? :) We must go sometime!

Have fun and hope you enjoyed your quiet time.