Monday, November 24, 2008

The Life of a SAHM

I've seen many of my friends writing about disciplining thier children lately, mostly small children. I guess by the time they are teenagers, this stuff is old hat, or the offenses are so bad, you don't want to write about it for fear it may be held against them in a court of law ;)

We are no different here in the Michael house. It seems like we have hourly confrontations with Isabelle. Granted, she's 2. They do call that terrible, don't they? But it seems like discipline should be much easier now when I can simply pick her up and make her mind, than when she's, say, 13.

I'm getting used to the whole new ball game of being home with the kids...and having more than one...all at the same time. Nap time everyday is our battle ground. It has been taking me about an hour to an hour and a half to get Isabelle to sleep. This is no simple she gets up, I put her down. This is crying, throwing fits, spanking, putting her down, defiance, in no particular order. Repeat process.

Who knows if I'm doing the right thing? I am just praying, "Lord, teach me how to raise her up in the way she should go." Or more like CRYING out to God, as I stand outside of the room and wait for her to come out the next time...and nursing Grace all at the same time!

Let me tell ya...going to work....A LOT less work than this!


Melissa Hayes-Murphy said...

Hi Danielle,
Granted I don't have any kids of my own, but when I was running the day care center where I used to work, I often had to sub in the two year old room, (4 years, 16 two year old teachers), and nap time is a challenge. I am currently watching a three year old at home, (she turned 3 at the beginning of this month) and nap time was a challenge here as well. I made up 5 activity boxes(a plastic show box containing different activities.) For example, one has paper and crayons, one has two Barbie dolls and a few outfits, one has a mini etch a sketch and hand held Princess game. These boxes are allowed in bed only, the instant the feet hit the floor, the box goes away. My Bella loves the boxes and they are special enough to keep her in bed. I take the boxes after a half hour. Then it is nap time. You would obviously have to find things that interest your Isabelle. We have a nap time process, 1.) Go potty, 2.) Wash up 3.) Choose blanket of the day 4.) Choose story 5.) Choose activity box 6.) Read story. After that, I put the other two kids down for naps, (Aiden is 18 months and Giovanni is 7 months.) I play soft instrumental music as well. Hope this helps at least a little. Have a happy Thanksgiving and tell the family hello.

cousin shannon said...

Get a lock for the outside of the room. Lock her in for set amount of time. If she doesn't sleep, then hey, guess she doesn't need a nap. She will just go to bed super early. Eian has taught me to pick my battles. Sometimes saving your own sanity is best for the BOTH of you;)

Leah said...

Our battleground is nap time too.. and I'm just holding on to the idea that consistency is my friend and it's always worked before. Hang in there!

Leah said...

PS - I did tell Ken the other day.. "what I would give for a few hrs behind a desk just where all I had to do was answer e-mails, work on projects and answer the phone".. oh the days. I love that I'm home with Abigail, but every now and then... :)

Anonymous said...

daniell isabelle feels like grace has stolen her mamma and she does not know what to do about it it weill pass just bring her to grannie until she is 20 then i will give her backlove and prayers grannie

Lacy said...

are you staying at home for good now or just maternity leave?

jaydensjourney said...

Hi! Sorry it took so long to reply, plans have been a moving target. Claudia is coming up with us so we leave Wednesday around 5. We then come back late Saturday so that I have part of Sunday to get ready for the week. Mom mentioned that Grace's dedication is this Sunday. I so wish we could be there. I am planning on coming up this year for Easter and I'll be ready for a week away.

I had some nap time "fun" a few months back. I think Jayden is going to grow up and tell people that his mommy is more stubborn than him, my favorit thing to say when we are not going to sleep. He finally sort of got past it but it was a couple months of struggle. I hope she learns to love her nap and quiet time.

Heather Costaras said...

Urgh... nap time! I can relate!!! Morgan has her days. Some times, she goes down like a sweet little lamb without a single protest. Other days she screams so passionately that she makes herself vomit.

I remember, a couple of months ago, Nick patiently standing next to her cot with a bucket to catch vomit... saying: "You can vomit and scream all you want - you WILL sleep!". And eventually - she did.

This too... as they say... shall pass!

PS: Thanks for the comments on my blog - I'd love to read YOUR love story one day. I just love how God match-makes... (if we let Him).