Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Dance, Sad Dance

Today I'm doing a happy dance because I filled up our van gas tank with Unleaded Plus for $5.60. I had $1.40 off per gallon using my fuel perks card. Wow! This summer I was spending over $60 for a tank of gas! Yeah for recession!(just kidding)

On a sad note: Today was Isabelle's last day at her daycare. Both Grace and Isabelle start homecare at a ladies house down the street. We loved her daycare and her teachers were almost in tears tonight as we said goodbye. Isabelle ran back and gave Ms. Dana a hug as she started to get...just a little bit...what was happening.


Shanygne said...

I LOVE their matching Pj's!!! YOu pick great ones. I STILL have the Gap ones you got when Em was a baby and have a picture of each kid in them!!

It's been nice "catching up with you"! God is good, eh??
Merry Christmas!

Leah M said...

Yeah.. I love the matching pjs too. :)