Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband!

Today is Conrad's 30 something birthday. I wanted to write and share with you how much I love and appreciate this husband in my life, but unfortunately, I can't follow a train of thought for more than a few minutes at a time these days...I wonder if I can still blame that on the kids

I started the celebration by spending the WHOLE evening Thursday making these Key Lime & Coconut cupcakes with White Chocolate frosting. By the time I finished I had zested and squeezed so many limes I thought the cupcakes were gross. Not to mention, the dang white chocolate siezed up, so I was beginning to become quite bitter with this particualr baked good. But, by the time I tasted one today, I do believe it's the best cupcakes I have ever had, or at least made!

Anyway, we began today's celebration by meeting Conrad downtown for lunch at the North Market for our favorite Pad Thai. Isabelle and I had spent the morning wrapping presents and making birthday cards for Daddy. After lunch, I dropped off a couple of dozen birthday cupcakes I had made at his office...after all, I didn't want several dozen cupcakes hangin' around our kitchen!

When Conrad came home, I had made the Hyderabadi special dish, Lam Biryani for dinner and finished it off with, you guessed it, another cupcake. And He opened his present from my parents (and a little from us) which was a new GPS.

And since I know he's in bed for the evening and won't be lurking on our blog, I can safely tell you that I have a massage scheduled for him in the morning after breakfast...We hope you had a great birthday, Baby! You are the best!


Anonymous said...

happy late b.d conrad you are also a wonderful grand son what a great experience it's been having you in the familey you are gentiland kind to every one most of all i appreciate your walk with the Lord.(your card is in the mail)i love you all,granny

Anonymous said...

Like Grandma Margie, your card is in the mail. I can't seem to do anything on time anymore, and, Danielle, I have no babies for excuses. We are so blessed to have you as part of this family, and just wanted to let you know how much we love you. You are a wonderful father to the girls and a great husband to Danielle.
Love, Aunt Brenda

Christy said...

ALWAYS blame it on the kids...especially now with two!! I used to be smart, but with every passing day I'm convinced that my children are slowly sucking every brain cell that I have dry.

And happy birthday, Conrad! Hope you had a great 30-ish day!