Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

This coming Tuesday will mark Grace's three month birthday and it is also the end of my maternity leave. Meaning, back to work I go! A few of you have asked if I am going back to work, since I wrote a few "Stay at Home Mom" posts. The answer is yes, but I'm only going back three days a weekI have pretty mixed feelings. On one hand, the girls start a new daycare, which was probably more tramatizing for Conrad and I than for Isabelle. We were pretty choked up on her last day of the old daycare a couple of weeks ago. She was like, "Huh? Whatever..."

Also, I have never been away from Grace for more than two hours and that only one time. I am dreading the whole pumping ordeal, but really really don't want to wean her so early. I am also slightly concerned that she will stop wanting to nurse after she gets a bottle...but pumping we shall do!

On the OTHER hand, it will be nice to have a little bit of independence, and dare I say, "alone" time as my job requires a bit of travel. I think I'll cherish those hours in the car alone like never before! I have already pulled out the ole' iPod and am looking forward to catching up on all of my favorite talk radio.

I don't think it will be as traumatic as it was leaving Isabelle the first day, week...months...because I feel extremely blessed to be able to work part time. It seems like the Lord really set me up over the past few years to be able to do this. Several times I have tried to get other jobs or even other positions within the same organization, but never got the job. And if I had, chances that this schedule would have worked out are slim.

So, happy three month's Gracie!


Anonymous said...

conrad and danielle
iloveall the pictures but i wanted so much to hold Gracy she looks so big happy little beauty,
by the way i was looking at your picture when you were that age it looked so much like Gracy i was surprised .i had better get busy ondinner we are having pork chop,gravy and biscuits talk to you later love and prayers grannie.

Leah McKinney said...

I'm so glad your work schedule worked out to be part time. It seems like a great set up for you and the girls! I'll be praying it all goes well as you transition.

The Polo Club said...

I can't believe she is 3 months old. She is getting so big. Isabelle is so cute with her kitchen and apron. At least she is enjoying it. You should have had uncle Eric put it together, he could have had it done in a flash. Let me know next time you travel to BG, so we can get together. Love ya all!!

Anonymous said...

You will have my continued prayers...I know how hard it is to leave your babe and still try to nurse. You can to it...continue to be positive my friend. I love the pictures and I cannot wait to come to your house to have Belle fix me
some dinner. Hugs and smooches all the way around. Love you all, Terri and Philip

Tara said...

Part - Time! AWESOME!! What a blessing! Grace is looking more and more like that beautiful big sister of hers! Glad you all had a great Christmas!