Saturday, January 17, 2009

Washer Woes

The weekend before I started back to work I was trying to catch up on chores. I had about eight loads of laundry to do, all spread out and sorted on the laundry room floor when we noticed a trail of water leaking into the kitchen from the laundry room.

We went into the laundry room to see the steady stream growing into a pond! Indeed, our hand me down, hand me down, hand me down washer had finally broken. So we sopped up water and sopped up water, and then we went to lowes. We found a very good deal on a front loader washer, and thanks to my mom and dad's christmas gift of a lowes gift certificate, had a good start toward buying it.

It was delivered a couple of days later and our clothes were saved! Then, only a week and a half after we got our new washer, I did two loads of clothes. The next morning I got up to discover our pipes had frozen to our washer!

To add insult to injury...our pc, printer, and router are not working properly, and the car needs new tires...*sigh* always all at once, you know??


January said...

Sad! I hate it when everything piles on at once. I'm in love with the front-loading washer/dryer set we inherited with our house, though, so once your pipes unfreeze, at least you'll have that going for you ;).

drowninginblessing said...

Aah, Danielle, I can identify. The drain hose for our washer is just by our sink where Abe likes to play (pulling out pans and lids). He's pulled out the drain more than once and left us with a lake in the kitchen.
Please let Conrad know we will be praying for Tata. I know it is hard to be miles away! Praise in our fight with grandma's caner... it seems to have stopped spreading from latest reports. PTL.

The Polo Club said...

When it rains, it pours, now it all comes down to prioritizing. Hope you get it all fixed soon! Give the kids kisses for me and Abby.

Heather Costaras said...

Yep - can totally relate... our wide screen that we use to watch TV went on the blink... and at the same time, the tumble dryer packed up (during the rainy season no less)... the vacuum cleaner broke and the kettle is leaking. Oh - and we have a major roach & ant infestation thanks to the season. AAAAAHHHHRGGGHHHHH!!!!

And you just KNOW what an "admin person" I am to begin with! *wail*