Thursday, February 05, 2009

Slumber Party

Last weekend we had our first “Slumber Party” at the Michael House. We hosted Abby and Lyssa, daughters of our friends, Matt and Denise. These girls grew up in Romania as Missionary Kids and are such good kids! When we first met them, Isabelle was just a baby, and after they left our house, Conrad and I said, “Wow, we have to get child rearing tips from these guys, their kids are great to have around!”

When Denise told me that her and Matt were planning a date night, I invited Abby and Lyssa to come and spend the night with us! We were planning on going bowling, but the bowling alley just wasn’t working with us and had planned “Buck a Beer” night and the alley was full…not to mention probably not exactly our scene with four kids in tow.

We settled for dinner at McDonlads, and back home for movies and cookies. The evening went off without a hitch and Isabelle ADORES these two, as you can see from the look on her face. I think they had fun, not to mention, their mom said they came home having perfected imitating Conrad’s accent. Abby imitates him talking to Isabelle, “You do nothing on the potty, Isabelle. Go now!” Conrad says, “What accent?”


Shanygne said...

awesome catching up again!
SOunds like Conrad's birthday was a hit. How did the massage go?

Won't be leaving Xanga any time soon... just wish I updated more often.

Do you remember those Gap pj's that you got Emily? red/white footies?? I finally got a picture of Katie in them.. it didn't go well, since they were a LITTLE too small and I stuffed her into them... it wouldn't have been so bad, but there is a tiny hole in one of the toes and it was bugging her. SO< the picture is of her crying, but I got it!! I was determined to have a pictured of each of the three kids in those pj's... and now I have! ahahah...

The Polo Club said...

That looks like lots of fun. I can't wait until Abby is old enough to go to spend the night with cousin Isabelle and Grace. That will be so much fun!! Give the girls a kiss from Aunt Jona and Abby. We will see you in a couple of weekends for pics and a wedding!

Oma said...

It looks like Isabelle wss having a blast. She is such a doll. I miss them both. Love

Michelle said...

Slumber parties are the best (for the children anyway)!! But it sounds like you had great children over, that makes slumber parties great for everyone. Isabelle sounds like she's been having a good month...playing in the snow, and a slumber party. That's how mom of the year get nominations. lol

Anonymous said...

hey conrad and daniell
those pictures are great isabelle looks like she is in her glory see you soon love and prayers granny