Thursday, March 05, 2009

Who’s coming to our House?

We have been talking to Isabelle more and more about Jesus and about God. The un-concrete-ness of God is a difficult concept for her to grasp. We were on our way to church on Sunday and she asked where we were going. I told her to church to see Jesus (okay, no theology lessons…I know my theology is erroneous in this statement!) But I was attempting to connect church with something other than snacks and toys.

Anyway, when we got in the van to go home, she told me, “I didn’t see Jesus today.” Hmmm….deep thought….but I’ll skip that for now…

A few nights ago I was telling Isabelle that someone was coming to visit this weekend. I asked her do you know who? She said, “Oma and Opa.” Yes, I told her. Then I asked her who else? She thought for a minute then asked, “Jesus?”


Anonymous said...

The pic of Oma and Opa with all three girls are priceless. My how they grow fast. Hope all is well with you. I get updates from Aunt Brenda all the time. You are a fantastic momma, Danielle. It is a pleasure to know you and love you.

Tara said...

The questions and the thought process only gets more interesting as they get older! You should hear some of the conversations Carlie and I have about Jesus, heaven, dying, etc... lately! The here but not seen is still a difficult concept for CJ.
BTW, love the picture!