Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hot & Steamy India

I thought I would let you all know that we arrived safley in India last Sunday. It has been a steamy 100 degrees or so here. No a.c. I have decided that I am indeed getting my Teen Mania days I would have said to my teens, "Please don't state the obvious. We know it's hot." Now I whine.."It's so hot."

We are having a good time visiting with family and spending some quality time with Conrad's dad. He's not doing too well, and we are praying for...well...for God's will to be done and that we spend well the time we have.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you'll be happy to know that we found the large chunk of change we the LAST minute. We were at the United ticket counter checking it and there it was!! God is good!


Oma said...

Its so good to hear from you. Can't wait to see pictures - well, I can't wait to see the real thing...we'll be ther with bells on to pick you up. Still praying for our little one to get adjusted to the jetlag. Tell them Oma loves them. give the family my greeting. We are praying for Conrad's dad and especially Conrad.

The Polo Club said...

We are glad you guys are doing well. We hope you have a good trip back, Abby and I pray for you every night. We can't wait to see you guys!! we love you!!

drowninginblessing said...

Ohh... 100 degrees is hot. Enjoy extra salt while you can (since you need it with all that sweating). We're praying for you guys.