Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Bye Pull Ups!

I think I have neglected to announce this most exciting event in the life of Isabelle...she's potty trained! She hasn't had an accident in over two weeks! Really, one day, she just decided (with the help of nearly a full box of popcicles)that she was going to do it...and she did. Up until THAT very day, you had to tell her to go potty every 20 minutes or so. And if you forgot..well, get out the clorox and the dry clothes.

We are so excited because...#1: We don't have to buy diapers anymore! #2: To some extent, we have successfully passed a parenting hurtle. Seriously, there are days when we wonder if we are getting anything right. Don't you think someone should come in and do a performance evaluation on parents? With a list of areas for improvement in the upcoming year?


drowninginblessing said...

Way to go Isabelle! We need to start walking the potty training gauntlet with Abe... very soon. I think popsicles would be very motivating for this little guy too!

Oma said...

Hurray for my Isabelle!!! She is such a good girl. We are missing them both. Cna't wait to see you soon.

Christy said...

Good for her! That's such a relief when they make the decision on their own...you know it's a done deal.

As for an annual assessment of parental prowess, I would have to say a polite "no thank you". Truly, as parents, we know that we are not, at times, doing things the way that they should be done. And as the kids get older, they will certainly point out your areas for improvement. It's trial and error. Our children see us learning from our mistakes and hopefully, they too, will make mistakes, learn from them and move on. There is no set job description and no owners manual. We are all doing our best, including you, my friend. You are amazing and a blessing to those two little girls!!!

Danielle said...

I dunno Christy..I used to learn a lot from your annual evaluations of me at PBO! ;)