Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Food and Baby Proof

Grace is growing up! As you can see from the last post, she is crawling, and even pulling herself up on furniture. This brings a whole slew of problems we hadn't yet prepared for. This isn't our first baby, after all. We had UN baby proofed our house long ago.

First of all, we have a toddler who drags lots of things out and around. She LOVES to "count" things. Coins she can find, vitamins she can get too. She also leaves these things laying around. If I don't find them in time...well, you get the picture. I have found a miriad of things in Grace's mounth already: A Penny, a rubberband, a frozen grape (snack left on the floor!), and my personal favorite, a rock. Who knows the things I didn't get to in time! So far, she's still breathing, so that's good! When I'm tempted to really worry about these things, I comfort myself with all of the children who have survived this stage of life with older siblings (of course, we won't even mention the times Isabelle karate chops the back of Grace's knees as she's tettoring precariously on her new baby feet, or the times I found Grace swishing her fingers through the Isabelle's toddler potty.)

Grace is also just about to ween herself. She really would prefer food to milk, anyday. She has never turned any type of food away, that I recall.

I also have to brag that I am quite the Granola-y Tree-hugging parent. I have been making my own babyfood...thanks to my best friend Rachel, who lives in Asia, and bought me Super Baby Food and inspired me to make my own. I cook, puree, and freeze baby food once a month or so. Grace LOVES it! And I feel better because I don't have to spend so much money on canned food, AND I save the envirment all of that packaging. Good all around. Oh ya, AND it's good for the baby!

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Michelle said...

Danielle, I love the baby food. It's a great idea all the way around. Also I wanted to let you know how cute the jam jars you made are. It looks like a jam I would buy in the store any day. Yes, Grace will survive with her older sibling. In some ways it's easier with the 2nd child, but in other ways as you've mentioned it's a little harder. Just be thankful that Isabelle isn't into the 'bead' stage of making her own jewelery.