Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wow! I can't believe Isabelle turned three years old on Saturday! We had a party for her on, complete with waterslide, pinata, and cone head sundae's. Of course, thanks much in part to my mom! Thanks Oma!

My mom even invited Doreen, the dog (the "sister" of Rovercomer, if you are familiar with the Willie George sunday school curriculum) Isabelle loves Doreen and when she rang the doorbell, Isabelle jumped up, gave her a hug and said, "I hoped you would come to my party!"

Not to pat my own back, but one kid said, "This is the best party ever!" hmmm....where to go from here? I feel like we've kind of peeked in the party giving arena. OR, it could have been the massive blow up slide and the inordinate amounts of sugar. Doesn't take much to have the best party ever, when your three.


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle, and Happy Birthday to you too, Danielle!

Anonymous said...

oh!!!!how i love those babye's we can make what ever you want ,yes the tomatoes are starting to get ready i went out and gathered a few today and some corn i will try to let you know ahead of time love you guys gram