Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been really really wanting to learn how to quilt for a long time. I could take a class at Jo-Ann's but I really wanted to learn from Grandma Margie! Unfortunelty, her schedule is always so packed we have put it off for years! But good news is that she came to our house last week to spend a few days (just in time, as our babysitter came down with H1N1!) and I coerced her into teaching me to quilt. Here is a picture of our purely hand-made baby quilt. It's just pieced together here, but I almost have the front fully sewed together!

Of course, Conrad quickly got on line to see the "going price" for such a work of art. He was happy to announce that Grandma and I could get about $150 for our labor of love. Whaaa? All of those hours for $150 bucks?? I don't think so. He also asked me if he thought we could get a little sweat shop of children in India together to create quilts. We could advertise, "Lovingly handmade by children." Hmmmm...I'm thinking no.

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Michelle said...

Oooohh quilting time. The hours are a lot, but the stories and memories that you share during "quilt time" makes the quilt so much more than just a quilt. I'm seriously thinking about making my spare bedroom into a quilting room. My great grandma use to have a quilt frame hanging from the ceiling that all the family use to gather around and just sew on when they came to visit. I was young so all they would let me do is thread needles, but still good memories.