Thursday, November 05, 2009


This Halloween was so much fun! Isabelle really got it this year and we made the rounds in the neighborhood. That was fun...on a high note. On a low note, we didn't make it home in time to pass our OUR candy. So instead of having TONS from Trick or Treating, we also have tons of our own left over. Good times. Anybody have any idea for recipes using Halloween candy?

Before we went out, I asked Isabelle, "Now what do you say to people when you go up to them?" She answered, "Trick or Treating." "Right, but it's Trick or Treat." She replied, "That's what I said, "Trick or Treating." Oh well. It's close. Grace rode happily along in the stroller occasionally collecting candy and enjoying the spectical. The weather was beautiful and classic mid-western fall! Even Conrad couldn't resist and went with us

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Oma said...

Oh my Gosh!!! They are both so adorable. I am so sad I couldn't be down there with you guys this year. Give the girls a kiss and I'll see you all next weekend. :-)