Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Fall Heard Around the World

Before I jump in, I wanted to share that Isabelle and I did our first Operation Christmas Child! It was fun to go the store with her and choose things to give to someone else, someone she didn't know. She didn't REALLY get it, and some of the gifts I had to pry out of her still sleeping hands, but fun, never-the-less!

We wrote a letter to our little friend and sent her a picture of our family, and even prayed over the box before we sent it out. This is real meaning of Christmas anyway, right??

And on another note, Grace's little boo boo on her forehead from the unfortunate fall is healing nicely. There was kind of a delayed reaction around the world from the incident. I posted a picture of her a week or so ago, Conrad's cousin, Susanna read it on line, came home and told her Aunt, her Aunt called her Sister, Conrad's Mom and told her Grace got SEVEN stitches (emphisis on SEVEN!!)! We got an urgent call in what must have been the middle of the night (In India) about Grace's well-being. Not long after that a call was made to the Middle East from India relaying the same information (Grace got SEVEN Stitches), and we got another urgent call from Dubai wondering what in the world was going on and how was Grace!?

It was a little late, and all of the drama had passed, the stiches were out and Grace was like, "Wha? What fall?" But boy did Conrad and I get in trouble for letting our little angel fall!...I'm glad they don't see the girls acrobatic stunts off the couch or kitchen chairs (Susanna...do not pass this information along...or we might have a worried Indian grandmother show up in Ohio in the middle of winter to supervise our parenting techniques! ;)

We thought it was funny the opposite response we got from my side of the family. Something along the lines of "Ohhhh poor baby. Well, if it didn't kill her, it'll make her stronger." Cultural differences are such blog worthy stories!