Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hello Warm(er) Weather

This coming week Isabelle and I are going to New Mexico. We debated which family members to take and which to leave for this trip. My BFF, Rachel, is home from Asia, visiting her family in Las Cruces for the holidays and I really wanted to spend some time with her and meet her new man, Samuel.

So we counted up the frequent flyer miles and made the appropriate exchanges. Rachel hasn’t ever met Grace, so I really wanted to take Grace. Then I recalled our trip to India in 2008 when Isabelle was just about Grace’s age. I remembered the tantrums, and the toddler backpack/leash we put on the child to keep her from running away, the meltdowns from being confined to a small space for a long period of time. In the end, my therapist and I decided we just couldn’t handle another trip like that…or even the possibility of another trip like that! Needless to say, Isabelle, being 3 ½ , made the cut.

Conrad and his therapist decided to stay home all together to avoid it…and to take care of Grace.

Of course, since I’ve bought the ticket, I’ve also broken my foot. I can walk, in the caste, but now I’m imagining the whole airport process with Isabelle and myself and my caste. It’s like a third family member at this point. I debated bringing my scooter, but picture with me, if you will, me and Isabelle riding my scooter through the airport, the wind in our hair. Okay, I quickly decided against that when I imagined lugging that beast onto the x-ray machine belt. I think I will just limp my way around the Greater Area Airports we will be visiting. All together good times.

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Oma said...

I'm hoping you have/had a wonderful time with the Burkes and Millers. I told Rachel you just never know when I might show up on her doorstep - or hut-step - whatever they have. I know you had a wonderful time and I know you missed home-well, your hubby and Gracie. I missed you all.