Friday, April 02, 2010

Mommy Vacation

Since we had a little babysitter snafu (did I spell that right, snaphu, snafoo?) We scheduled the girls to go have a grandparent vacation week. I went with them since I worked up in Northern Ohio till Wednesday. Then I had to come back to the office to work on Thursday, but on Friday...well, I took a Mommy Vacation. I love love love my babies and I miss them like crazy, BUT I have really enjoyed my Mommy Vacation. Conrad had to work so I leisurely got up, went to work out, get ready, run some errands, then enjoyed a lovely massage, followed by a slightly painful brow wax. *Sigh* I forgot how bright the world looks after a full nights sleep!

I had to tie Conrad down to keep him from going to get the girls. He hasn't seen them since Monday and misses our little chickens. I told Isabelle we were coming early to get her and she whined, "awwwww." She's obviously suffering at Oma's house. And Grace...well, she's doesn't care who else is around, as long as Granny is there. Laughing at all her little antics and giving her anything her little heart desires. It's a rough life.


Leah said...

I love my kids too, but your mommy vacation sounds glorious. I got a haircut this mornign while Ken watched our kids... I think that's my own mini version. Short by sweet.

drowninginblessing said...

love the tutu