Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Good Lil' Eater

In Indian culture, they emphasis good eating habits with children, like American’s emphasis good sleeping habits with children. My theory (and I’ve got plenty of them!) is that food hasn’t always been plentiful in India, so getting enough food is very important. And likewise, in our culture sleep always seems to be lacking. How many articles have you read on the need for sleep for good health and smart children?

Well, every good Indian mother will sit down and force feed their child from the time they are very small. It’s sooo contrary to what we know that it’s down right funny. And the funny thing is, they are mostly skinny skinny people. It just goes to show you what happens when you take chicken McNuggets out of the picture (again, one of my oh so informed theories)

Isabelle is just not that interested in eating. She’s a skinny girl and (Lord help her mamma stay out of the way) I hope she stays that way! Grace, while not anything more than a little “baby chubby” enjoys her food. She get’s that from the Payne’s, poor kid. And what I love about Grace is that she’s an adventurous eater. Here is a picture of her decided to taste my iced coffee (I wish I would have gotten that face on camera!) and then trying Pad Thai. She loves noodles!

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Shanygne said...

SO adorable! Emily is our eater - thankfully, she chooses fresh fruit over most other things for snacks, but the girl can eat! Katie and Ethan? yah. whatever. But we do have rules about eating - such as, you have to try everything and you can't have dessert (that just means ANYTHING that might get eaten after dinner - popcorn, cereal or sweets) - if you haven't eaten enough of your dinner. adn they don't get snacks after a certain time in the afternoon, because it means they are less likely to eat their dinner. Keep 'em hungry! Love you!