Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Trip Down Easter Lane

I love Easter and I knew my kid’s would love Easter too. When I was growing up, we got up early and went to “Sunrise service”, followed by regular church at the regular time a couple of hours later. In restrospect, I believe that Pentecostals created the sunrise service mostly to make up for the fact that we didn’t have church that particular evening (shockingly neglectful!)so families could spend time together.

Anyway, everyone went out to breakfast together in between services Easter morning. My parents used to make us a deal, if you go to Sunrise service, you get to go to breakfast, if not, you stay home. The novelty of breakfast out on a Sunday worked until we were…say 12. Then it was no competition. Sleep in, alone, in a quite house, or eggs and bacon at the local diner? No contest really. I know, we were very spiritual children.

But I also loved the Easter baskets. Oh the lovely pastel wicker with goodies and toys. My mom used to wrap them in cellophane (I have no idea why) and tie then with a bow. But oh how we loved the crinkle of the paper…it was like opening a present (maybe that’s why?) I think we still got Easter baskets up until…well, until we had kids! Then, come 2006, Baby Isabelle shows up, no more baskets, no more Valentines cards, nada! No soup for you!

This Easter is the first year I really participated with the girls. I made baskets, and even made a concentrated effort NOT to get much candy…well, except for Peeps, but a child HAS to have pink fluffy sugar shaped like chicks for Easter. I even hid the baskets and made them search for them. It didn’t take long and Conrad and I were rewarded with appropriate squeals of delight and surprised faces. Some of which I happened to capture on camera.

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The Polo Club said...

That is what I remember most about Easter too, going to Perkins (or some other local breakfast place) and eating breakfast with EVERYONE! There would be sooo many people at breakfast with us. I loved it, and probably did it for more years than you did, but that is because I am a social butterfly. Last year I got Abby a nice basket with no candy (she really couldn't eat it). This year, she got a tiny, little basket because her birthday was the day before. However, I love the Easter basket idea and love celebrating Easter and doing the egg hunts and things.