Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Five Years!

I can't believe Conrad and I have been married for five years! They have been five wonderful, amazing, and fruitful years! We have been so blessed with each other and with our family. I'm not even sure what to say here on blog-ville...because no words can really express my depth of feeling and gratitude for these gifts in my life.

One of my pastors in Texas used to joke with me that whom ever the Lord would prepare for me would probably just drop from the sky! Well, he was kind of right. He dropped from the sky and a few months later we were married. Neither Conrad nor I are procrastinators, nor do we have trouble making decisions. We felt clearly that God's hand was on our marriage and we were both committed to a lifetime of work toward a Godly home and relationship.

I often hear people talk about surreal, "magical" feelings and when talking about marriage. You just "know" and we just "fell into it" or "fell out of it" or like it's a crap shoot. Lucky you...the stars were all aligned and you got a good one. If you are single: DON'T LISTEN! Marriage is amazing and really fulfiling...but it's not magic. It's just two people who are very committed to sticking with it NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Of course, we are by no means the experts, only havening been married for five years and as someone at work once told me, "What do you know, it's only your first marriage!" ha!

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Anonymous said...

Five years have gone by so quickly, but you definitely have been blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful girls. Love all of you.
Aunt Brenda