Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost Finished!

We are rounding the corner toward having our home finished and ready to put on the market. Of course, now that we have everything done the way that we want it, we are feeling like we really don't want to move. If only this house had a few hundred more square feet... on the other hand, less square footage is less to clean, right?

Not being the handiest of families, we once again, invited our favorite handyman over to do a few improvements. By the way, let me know if you want his name and number...he does excellent work and is very reasonably priced. We had Jim tile the walls around our garden tub. Love the glass tiles, don't you? We also replaced all of the cheap-o aluminum blinds in the whole house with wooden ones. In my opinion that little thing is a deal breaker in a potential house.

I got this idea to frame up our bathroom mirrors, instead of buying new ones (pricey!!) or buying an online kit (again..rather pricey!) We used pre-painted regular ole' molding. Jim measured, cut, and adhered it to the mirrors using gorilla glue! Then he actually screwed the frames to the wall. I painted the screws with white paint. We did this in all of the bathrooms and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Lastly, i finally got some pictures up on my blank navy wall in the kitchen. The middle frame is the many faces of Grace, eating an Oreo Cookie. So cute.

So there you go. We are currently mulling over finishing the several hundred square feet attic over our garage. It could be a fun space. And Conrad is tempting me by saying I could use it as my "Craft Room" Although I'm thinking more realistically it would turn into a Man Cave or Play Room. Our only issue is what to do with all of the stuff that is up there now? It's all just too much to think about for now...another day perhaps!


Oma said...

I vote for the finish of the "mother-in-law suite" above the garage. Tell Conrad he'd get much more miles with that than a man cave or craft room.....LOL

Beth said...

Love all your updates . . . would love to see the whole house. : )

Michelle said...

That is such a cool idea with the mirrors, I never thought of that. I love the update photos you always have the best ideas!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I love what you have done to the house; I can't believe you would want to sell it with all the great things you've done. I would love to find someone in our area who does work like your guy. I'm just not as resourceful as you are.
Love you guys.......Aunt Brenda

shannon said...

Your house looks soooo clean in all of these pics. Mine never looks that picture perfect.

Natalie said...

Love. It! Especially the tiles.

Yes, I agree, upgrading to wood blinds give the entire area a much more finished and mature feel to it. I've got them pretty much throughout my house too.

Send me an e-mail with this guys info. I want to find something to hire him for! Oooh, I want to get a storm door, he can buy it and install it for me!

Danielle said...

Thanks guys! Ummm...Shannon...I hate to destroy the image you have of me, but I cleaned up the house for these pictures...or at least moved the debris out of the way :)

Leah M said...

Your house is beautiful.. why are you sellig it?

And three bathrooms?? I'm so so so jealous.

We just moved and the 1 bathroom is ugly, small and has issues. :( It's the only thing I really dislike about our current house.