Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grandparent Fun

Yesterday my mom took Isabelle and Grace to Cedar Point. Isabelle loves Cedar Point . When my mom talks to her about going, this is what Isabelle hears, "Isabelle, do you want to go to See Your Point?" Instead of "Cedar Point" so when SHE talks about it, she tells us she wants to go to "See My Point"

Anyway, it was Grace's first time and she wasn't too keen on all of the rides, but she is easy going and loved the activity and attention she got too. Apparently, they were entertaining a crowd, as Isabelle sang "All the Single Ladies" so that Grace could boogie to it for a small audience on the train. She got the attention and applause she was looking for too! As you can see below, Oma got Isabelle's face painted like a cat. She LOVED it.


Beth said...

Oh, looks like such a fun time! The green car is my kind of ride . . . love the quaintness.

Isabelle's cat face is really good—true art. : )

The Polo Club said...

Abby LOVED it when mom took her. They love riding all of those little rides. I am surprised Grace was not too keen since she is the one the goes forth, throwing all caution to the wind!

Anonymous said...

cutest pictures ever