Thursday, August 05, 2010


Today conrad and I went to the North Market for lunch. It's a wonderful downtown market within walking distance to our office. And they have vendors that sell WONDERFUL stuff. My current favorite is the Bluecreek Farm Meat, where I can get organic, grass fed, fresh lamb, beef, and (nitrate free) bacon. We also buy or chicken from the Chicken Lady there. You can REALLY REALLY tell the difference with meat.

All of that to say, we are grilling out on Saturday for Isabelle's birthday and needed some good ole' hamburger. And we got there just as the owner was grinding it up! Yum!

Usually when we go to the North Market, we religiously end all meals there with Jeni's Ice Cream. But today we (Read: I, since Conrad didn't even get one solitary bite of this goodness) decided to branch out and try a Taste of Belgium Waffle. Oh my. It was like no waffle I have ever had...and I make some tasty waffles.

We were actually served by the owner, Jean Francois, who is very Belgium. He was telling two smiling, flirting blondes, how the Waffle Truck in NYC is "Nothing. Frozen Cardboard. My waffles are fresh, made from scratch, just like they are made in Belgium." ...but you have to imagine it with a snooty Belgium accent.

That being said, I think Belgium-inians might have a right to be snooty when it comes to waffles. I am currently writing this and thoroughly enjoying my crispy, dense waffle, topped with berries and whipped cream. Next time you are in downtown Columbus, you have to try one for yourself!


Leah said...

That all sounds phenomenal and yummy and I will absolutely be stopping by next time I'm in downtown Columbus. :)

Anonymous said...

ingdxti loved that place, it was so much fun just walking through the place, thanks for taking us down there see you tomorrow love you guys gram

Oma said...

I will have to try it but my idea would be to put some Jeni's ice cream on top of the waffle - AFTER we have pa-thai (not sure how to spell it - just how to eat it!!!) Yummy!!!