Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Week of Firsts

Well, today marks the second week of Daycare for the girls. They are adapting quite well. And it has been a week of "First's" for us. I thought I'd share some with you:

*Isabelle brought home her first homework assignment last night. Daddy sat at the table with her as she traced her name over and over again. P.S. They call her "Isabella" at school and it's on everything and I'm having a hard time getting folks to call her Isabelle. We may be on slippery slope here...

*Grace is going on her first bus ride AND field trip today. Her class is loading up on the bus and going to Pizza Hut for lunch (FYI, it's all of half a block from the church).

*Grace also got her first cold of the season (blah!)and we celebrated with the return of the night time vomiting! We are praying that it's just related to this small (and it has been very small) cold and not the return of the Asthma Cough stuff! Thank you, Grace's new classmates, for sharing your germs :)

*And lastly, I made my first pot of soup of the season this week...we'll chili. Yum. I know it's still 80 degree's here in the daytime, but it feels like Autumn, doesn't it? And this Rachel Ray Indian Summer Chili is one of our all time favorites! I couldn't wait to make it!


Anonymous said...

Don't think your blog is not read; I always read it and love keeping up with your family. I just don't take time to comment; shame on me.
Sorry to hear Grace has a cold; will say prays that she gets well soon. Thanks for sharing the chili recipe. I loved it when you made it; now I can too. See you soon.
Love, Aunt Brenda

Beth said...

Nicholas has been having sniffles . . . pre-school does bring more exposure to germs!

The Polo Club said...

sooo- I am curious to know if you used that exact recipe, because for some reason I cam thinking you did not use beer in your Chile. Hmmm it sounds really good. I love to make chile and can't wait to make our first batch here soon. It does feel like fall and I am ready for the season change. Sorry to hear about Gracie's cold. Give her kisses for us and we will see you guys in a couple of weeks.

drowninginblessing said...

I love those firsts. Did they get to take a tour of the Pizza Hut? Funny about Chili. It's one of our staples, as are many other bean & soup combos. We can't wait for the cold weather!

drowninginblessing said...

Hah, D. I just checked out your link to Wendenolia, and she posted this week about how to make batman shaped Bento "sandwiches"... so Bentos are for boys too. :)