Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold Weather Food

Since I went outside today and it was SNOWING (just a bit) and that makes me just a little on the down side about our blustery northern weather, i think I need to share with you one thing I LOVE about cold weather: SOUP! Who doesn't love to come in from the cold, eat a nice hot bowl, then cuddle up next to the fire? I do!!

Add a beautiful twinkly Christmas tree, some rad (did I really just use the word "rad"? mad, awesome, totally stinking awesome...) Christmas music, a loaf of fresh baked bread and you've got yourself a perfect winter's night


The Polo Club said...

That soup looks awesome!! I love soup on a cold night. Add some nice hot chocolate and you have a perfect night!!Miss you guys and we will see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what was your latest soup? Was this a new recipe or one that you have tried before?

Aunt Brenda

Shanygne said...

YOU are a great blogger, my friend!! next time you post a picture of soup that looks that good, however, I encourage you to also post the recipe!! hahaa!

Danielle said...

hi guys, recipe is on the link that says "SOUP"